Provides financial services and technology solutions to major companies around the globe. Associated with companies like Costco, Affinity specializes in building standards compliant websites and applications for their clients.


Affinity Partnerships were in a situation every IT service provider finds itself in, once in a while.

As their on-site developers were engaged in ongoing projects, they were falling short of man-power for a couple of new projects they acquired. Since hiring a new resource just for a few projects was neither economical nor ethical at that stage, Affinity decided to augment their staff by hiring one offshore PHP developer.

However, the main challenge here was meeting the strict delivery deadlines, as defined by Affinity’s clients in these new projects. Another challenge was to meet the quality of Affinity’s production environment, through our work.

The Solution

Based on the projects’ details Tim McClanahan, CTO - Affinity Partnerships provided,

Within no time we selected a befitting resource who had the required skills & experience. After we made sure that the selected resource met Tim’s expectations, the PHP developer was on-boarded by Affinity as a full-time hired gun. Constant contact has been maintained between Tim and the developer using the project management software JIRA.

The work arrangement is simple; we receive the scope and the resource completes the work within the deadline. For Tim’s convenience, we also ensured that the entire work-schedule & progress timeline was properly documented from the beginning.

Higher management has also kept in touch throughout our work engagement to receive constant feedbacks.


It has been more than a year since our work-arrangement with Affinity started. Ten months down the line,

When Tim was well-versed with the quality of the work the PHP developer had done for Affinity, he decided to hire another resource dedicated to UI work. This allowed to work to get completed way before the defined deadlines, and the entire process got more streamlined.

Tim is currently working with both the developers, and is more than happy with how they have been getting things done. Regular involvement of higher management has been essential in delivering high quality code on time.

Since our work-engagement started, both the resources have worked on and completed various new projects Affinity acquired, along with a few internal projects, including Affinity’s ERP tool.


Team Size



Full - Time


PHP Developer,
UI/UX Developer

Resources Hired

Project Manager,
PHP Developer,
UI/UX Developer


​Successful delivery of project​s​ well before defined deadlines, significant cost savings


Time & Quality

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