10 New App Ideas For Startups!

App world is raging with the competition where every Entrepreneur is launching something new and unique to serve the purpose of reaching the desired audience. As per a survey, there were around $197 billion mobile application downloads in 2017-2018 that are anticipated to turn into $352.9 billion by the year 2021. Nowadays, nothing is more valued than creativity, innovation, and distinctiveness in mobile app development industry. To stand out from the crowd, you need to implement some unusual ideas which can streamline the everyday life of people and can take your startup to newer heights.




According to the latest trends in the app market, four main categories are dominating the application development, which includes Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, Virtual Reality, and Augmented Reality. So here are 10 new app ideas that will help you to kickstart your business:


Money Lending and Borrowing

Isn’t it too mainstream to borrow money from the bank and bear the inevitable installments? Why not ease this situation by building an app via blockchain to connect both lenders and borrowers on a digital platform. By using a money lending app, consumers can execute financial transactions without involving a financial institution like a bank. The central focus behind this idea is to allow users to remain anonymous without any need for registration. Moreover, it avails the borrowers to select their preferred loan medium and can return it in a low-interest environment.




App for Journalists

Though every job is tough, one cannot deny that Journalists has the toughest work to dig and create reports on the latest events. It requires so much time and effort to collect information that drains the energy of a journalist. However, you can lessen the burden of a journalist by providing him with real Artificial Intelligence that auto-generate reports by asking for all the essential details through voice conversation to review later. Also, it will help the users to identify similar reports and produce questions based on previous reports.


Virtual Interior Designing

The slogan of ‘ Home is where Comfort is’ has become a cliche, now everyone believes in living with style and luxury, but not all can afford it. Perfect home decor is a dream of many, and you can turn that dream to reality by releasing an app for virtual interior designing. Such an app will facilitate users to be an interior designer and make a picture of their home by exploring different decoration options available in the app such as wallpapers, carpets, curtains, and paints. That’s not all the app will suggest the best places to buy each item you require for designing your house.




Health Fitness

Since every other person is dealing with some disease, it is indispensable to have a healthy lifestyle and keep a check on the health routine. The chief concern is how? You can design an app that assists users to track their daily regime and follow the best practices to stay fit by the given recommendation of the app. To build an ideal health fitness app you can consult a leading mobile app development company.


Language Learning

Many people love to learn new languages, and it turns out to be more interesting when it is through a mobile app. The best language learning app should teach users to focus on the clear pronunciation of particular words. Additionally, that app should suggest the most common words and its meaning of the chosen language for making the learning process more engaging for the users.


Grocery Shopping

We all go for grocery shopping once every two weeks, chances are we tend to forget some product which we want to purchase. Having a grocery app is a great idea to provide a user-friendly experience. By leveraging the mobile app development services you can add several products to your cart during a month or a week and can schedule a pick up date according to your schedule.You may want to check some of our work too. As the market is already loaded with tons of grocery shopping apps, you can come up with a unique proposition for example give an option of discovering the cheapest option by comparing the prices of different grocery stores.


Advanced App for Health-Care Professionals

The tremendous growth in technology and science has opened endless possibilities for health care professionals. You can develop useful apps for doctors who are working on AR/VR technologies to examine a patient’s anatomy in 3D enabled environment. By availing the advancement of AR/VR, you can build an app that gives physicians a walk-through of an individual’s anatomy through diverse 3D perspectives. Also, the doctors can regulate the level of transparency, for instance, physicians can see a brain tumor in a semi-transparent mode and observe the complete structure of brain vessels simply by using this app. If you are in doubt that how you will implement your app idea then contact an offshore staff augmentation team which can bring your plans to action.




IoT Security Control

Security devices are utilized by various shops, general stores, and even by the public to protect their houses against any mishap. You can further tighten this security by forming an app that controls all the security systems via Wi-Fi that enables users to see the camera footage, sense the locker activities of locker, answer the visitor at the door over the smartphone. It can be conceived by leveraging IoT mobile app development services offered by a reputed company.




Virtual Smart Cook

There are many instances when one is starving at midnight and don’t have much stuff to cook something. This problem can be sort with a virtual smart cook app that suggests great food recipes with limited food ingredients. Just as any other cooking app it will provide you with some easy to make recipes, besides it will ask the users about the ingredients available at the moment and then offer a dish that can be made with it so that the users don’t have to rush for additives.


Weather Forecast

Weather forecast is something that interests everyone, so produce an application by employing AI which traces your current location and renders you with an accurate forecast of the climate of that particular zone. The app will largely serve people by informing them about the upcoming climate changes. You can also add on weather forecasting feature to your mobile app that will boost the value of your application.

These were some out of the box app ideas that start-ups can implement to grow their business. In case you have no clue where to begin with, then contact an esteem staff augmentation company like Resourcifi. We provide custom mobile and web app development solutions. Our skilled team of professionals is efficient in developing cross-platform applications that support the latest technology at cost-effective prices. We have the potential to turn your vision into reality, entrust us and get satisfactory results.