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Why do Companies Prefer Experienced Employees over a Freelancer?

Posted on : 12/22/2017
  • Staff Augmentation

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional from Resourcifi over Hiring a Freelancer:

Outsourcing business operations is becoming progressively prevalent now-a-days ; however, the most significant query that many business owners come up with is whether to work with a remote professional staffing agency like Resourcifi or an individual freelancer.
Both the possibilities have their pros and cons and there are unquestionably examples when one of them will be more suitable for a particular client than the other. However, before making a decision, the client needs to think about the intricacies involved and determine the goals.

Here, we give you five reasons why working with Resourcifi could benefit you more than working with a freelancer:

1.Flexibility in the Work Milieu:

Resourcifi works according to Client’s requirements and preferences.

Resourcifi provides clients with a flexible milieu, unlike the offerings by freelancers. The clients are free to choose professionals from a pool of resumes that we share with them before hiring professionals. Based on the requirements of the clients viz. a viz. the number of years of expertise, the skill-sets and the shift timings, Resourcifi offers an ease of hiring a professional to the clients. This, on the other hand would not be possible in the case of freelancers where the clients must adhere and plan according to the freelancer’s accessibility and work predilections.

Additionally, if any dedicated developer leaves the work half way due to any unforeseen situation, Resourcifi takes the responsibility and provides the client with another professional with same expertise, experience and dedication level.

2.Dedicated and Manageable Professionals:

At Resourcifi, we guarantee dedicated and well managed professionals , led by Key Account Managers.

An individual freelancer operates for more than one client concurrently which means that the dedication level for a freelancer for a client’s project subsides with the number of increase in the projects he/she handles. Thus, notwithstanding the competence, time delays and dedicated availability are a major issue while working with a freelancer. At Resourcifi, a dedicated developer is assigned to only one client. It is our responsibility to ensure that the resource is working for the client only. Hence, this is one of the major factors that distinguishes our services from the freelancers.

The manageability of professionals with Resourcifi is a piece of cake for any client. The clients are provided with Key Account Managers to manage the professionals working for them. All a client needs to do is to get in touch with Key Account Managers, get apprised about the work update and approve that work or suggest amendments. Hence, with Resourcifi, a dedicated key account manager is responsible for leading the team as small as consisting of just one professional.

Such a well-synced progress workflow always meets the deadlines. Additionally, keeping the future needs in consideration, Resourcifi provides additional professionals to work on the same project when and where the need arises. However, on the other hand, a freelancer is just a single individual, and if at some point of time the client ends up requiring more freelancers, they search for additional resources, wasting their time as well as money.


Issue & project tracking is paid crucial attention by Resourcifi. We believe in keeping the Client up-to-date.

Communication is the considered as one of the most vital segment of any web or app development process. To track the progress of the developer, communication is the only key. So, a dedicated developer provided by Resourcifi will keep the Client posted with the real-time updates on the project, furnishing timely solutions to client’s requirements. At Resourcifi, we provide the client with the on-going project updates using an issue & project tracking software called JIRA. Additionally, the client is free to use any of his own tracking tools for managing the on-going project. Whereas, on the other side, a freelancer might have inadequate resources to keep the client updated about the project’s progress. Additionally, if the freelancer is working remotely for the client, the communication becomes a massive barrier unless managed properly.


Resourcifi provides cost-effective solutions to the clients in the longer run.

Hiring a freelancer always appears to be a cheaper deal as compared to hiring a professional from a company like Resourcifi. However, On a larger perspective, for the long term commitment, Resourcifi provides the client with savings on a number of additional outlays viz. a viz. Bad Hire loss, job advertising, training, cost of hiring etc. Hence, eventually, the client ends up losing a lot on time and money working with a freelancer as compared to a professional. Resourcifi brings a lot more to the table for a client than any freelancer.

5.Confidentiality Concerns:

At Resourcifi, security of client’s data is one of our main priorities.

Confidentiality of the project details is one of the major issues for any client while looking for a professional. It incorporates myriad measures such as shielding concepts, critical information, occupational secrets, and most significantly their confidence. We do not assert that only an enthusiastic professional from Resourcifi will offer clients a protected situation and a freelancer will not. But, we, at Resourcifi, can guarantee you that a dedicated developer provided by us is more dependable as we care about our contacts, reputation and reliable association with clients.