Should You Hire Remote Developers for Your Business?

1. Illegitimate Companies Deliver Remote Services

One of the most debated fallacies about remote staffing from India is that such companies are fraudsters. While discussing these matters, one should keep in mind that we find the honest and the rip-offs in every profession. We cannot label the entire industry as illegal if we have had a few bad experiences. However, to be on the safer edge, doing some company research about their working condition, business structure, reviews, etc. before working with any remote staff proves to be helpful all the time. The problem lies not with the Indian companies or the Indian developers that they provide but in the process, which encompasses choosing the right firm to work with. Incidents of companies reporting good experience with their very first remote staffing experience are rare. One’s first setback should not be the last effort. Nevertheless, progressively as the customers learn to connect better, leading to more well-organized management and rarer slip-ups, remote hiring turns out to be the most cost-effective option without compromising on the quality. A survey directed by “The Wall Street Journal” points that businesses that have more involvement in offshoring have better accomplishments and face fewer glitches in their remote staffing activities.

2. Time Difference Does Not Favor Easy Working

Contrary to the general belief, time zone difference can prove to be helpful for the clients. The time difference between U.S and India, if worked upon effectively, can lead to excellent outcomes. Since the difference between IST and GMT is 5.5 hours, and the IST is 10.5 hours ahead of the EST, this helps in keeping the customers of the companies in the U.S contented on a 24/7 basis. Also, this way corporations find it easy to get their work done even when they are closed after regular office-hours because the professionals are always working from the other part of the world for them even after the in-house employees go home. Hence, the next day when people in the U.S start their work, they get all the pending job done. Moreover, many remote professionals work in the same time zone as in the U.S offices to maintain consistency at work. The crucial point is to comprehend and segregate the work that requires remote intervention and the one which does not. Taking this into consideration, one should decide whether remote work timings would be suitable for the company or not. It is a matter of wise decision making rather than following the herd.

3. Remote Hiring Demands Significant Capital Investment

It goes without saying that this reason is a big myth for hiring a remote team. The essential idea of hiring a remote unit is to reduce the cost. Some tasks cost a considerable amount of money if done in-house; while if done remotely, the charges can enormously decrease. Additionally, there are beliefs that remote hiring of Indian developers consists of many concealed charges. Instead, remote hiring provides significant cost reductions to the clients. You can refer to our blog 5 reasons why you should go with Remote Staffing to understand how distant staffing helps in cost-effective work management. Hence, the myth that remote hiring needs substantial capital investment is a myth. Remote Staffing Providers like Resourcifi provide professionals on a month on month basis which is a highly cost-effective way for the clients to manage their budgets.


Misconceptions Infographic


4. Remote Developers do not deliver Good Quality of Work

Usually, clients think that the freedom that remote developers are provided with results in compromising with the quality of work expected. However, constant communications, relentless inspiration and reminder meetings help the team and the client to deliver the work according to the time constraints, keeping the level of quality in mind. The client usually fear that the remote developers might take unfair advantage of the comfortable working atmosphere and this might lead to an incline in their work quality. However, the fact is that developers working remotely from India make sure that task given to them gets completed within the stipulated time frame. So, the quality of work is maintained and kept track of. Usually, the developers also keep the clients updated on their work progress and status. Hence, this statement is a big misconception that people have regarding Remote Hiring.

5. Remote Services lead to Over Expenditure

It is a widespread delusion that remote team hiring leads to overlays. But, taking a closer look at the perspective, one would observe that instead of over expenditure, remote hiring helps in a lot of savings. Various overlays that a client saves by remote staffing include taxes, computers, office space, medical insurance, accountability insurance, etc. Apart from these all expenses, training the employees on the up-to-date advanced skills is one of the most expensive overlays that a client saves by hiring a remote developer from India. Hence, the common misconception that hiring remote developers leads to over expenditure is baseless. Instead, Remote Services are highly cost-effective.

How can Resourcifi help you?

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