How To Hire Dedicated Software Development Team For Your Business?

Every successful business has a few magic beans. A successful company needs great ideas and a great team to execute them. Revolutionary ideas, on their own, don’t make million-dollar businesses, great teams do. 

Irrespective of the industry, businesses need cutting-edge web and mobile apps to stay competitive in today’s over-crowded market. So, in this article, we will be focusing mainly on how to hire a software development team for your project.

Where can you get a great development team? 

It’s 2020 and there are a plethora of ways to get a development team for your project but only a few right ones. Before we get into how to hire a dedicated software development team for your project, let’s begin with the top challenges of setting up a development team.

Challenges of Setting Up A Development Team

Setting up a development team is challenging. And if you think that with everything at your disposal why setting up the right development team for your project is difficult, I’ve mentioned the top 3 challenges of hiring a software development team.

In this guide on how to hire a dedicated development team for your project, let’s see at the top challenges companies face when setting up a development team.

  • Lack of Qualified Candidates

According to a survey, 74% of businesses struggle to find qualified candidates. The market has a lack of qualified candidates and companies find it challenging to attract the right ones. And this is not just for software development.

According to The US Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be more than 1.4 million jobs in the Computer-Science field with only 400,000 qualified candidates. This is a huge gap!

The market is crowded with generalists and what you need for your development team are specialists – experts of a particular technology or a framework.

  • Quick Hiring

Did you know that 34% of businesses find it challenging to stand out against other companies to attract the right candidates?

Add this with another survey that found out 37% of companies say that recruiting the right developers under tight time frames is challenging and you’ll know why quick hiring might seem like an impossible dream.

The process of setting up a development team is long.  Here’s what setting up a development team looks like.

You decide the number and expertise of developers you need and you post it on various channels. Your team scans through the hundreds (even, thousands) of applications and calls the qualified candidates for the hiring test. You choose the ones that suit your requirements and your company’s culture.

The entire process is not only long but also requires a massive investment of resources. And the delay in hiring the right developers can seriously hurt most of the development projects. 

  • Budget Limitations

Be it a startup or a large-scale company, there is only so much you can spend on the hiring process alone. Did you know that the hiring process, alone, of one developer could set you back by as much as $22,000?

This cost includes the time & other resources invested in posting jobs, scanning the resumes, screening via phone calls, and interviewing the candidates. Add this cost to the salaries of developers, extra enterprise costs, etc. and you will get a tremendous amount on your hand.

These were the top three challenges that companies usually face when setting up a development team. These, along with other challenges, make setting up a dedicated development team remotely – a Staff Augmentation engagement model a more favorable option.

Before getting into the process of how to hire a dedicated software development team for your business, let’s review different engagement models in software development.

Engagement Models in Software Development

There are many different engagement models that Staff Augmentation companies offer for software development. I have listed down the most popular choices. Here we go.

Dedicated Resource Model

Dedicated Resource Model is one of the most popular choices of startups and SMBs.

In this engagement model, the company you partner with is responsible for providing you with any expert(s) that you need for your software development project.

These developers, designers, or testers work as an extension of your in-house team. The Dedicated Resource Model is ideal for businesses that want expert(s) of a particular technology/framework under a limited budget.

Using this model you get a dedicated team developer/designer/tester, who works on your software development project. You directly interact with the dedicated expert for smooth collaboration and product output!

Why Use The Dedicated Resource Model?

  • Cost-effective: Imagine this. You already have an in-house development team but a project comes your way that requires an expert developer of a different framework that you currently don’t have.

    If you set out to hire this expert, you’ll end up spending thousands and this will also delay your project. Besides, you don’t know if you need that particular expert once the project gets completed.

    On average, the salary of an experienced developer is around $120,000/yr. This obviously depends on the location, technology/framework, and a few other factors.

    Add 25-50% on top of this for infrastructure costs, health benefits, etc. for the employee! You can use our savings calculator to find out how much it would cost to hire a developer using this model.

    Using the Dedicated Resource Model, on the other hand, you can hire the required resource(s) with relevant expertise quickly and that too, while saving big bucks on project execution costs.
  • Suitable for Long & Short Term: Depending on the technology/framework you want to hire experts for, Dedicated Resource Model is suitable for short term as well as long term collaboration
  • Industry Expertise: Using this model, you get the required expertise with relevant experience for your in-house or client’s project. How cool is that!

Managed Resource Model

Managed Resource Model is another engagement that is popular among companies.

Under this model, your technology partner does the groundwork by finding the right UX/UX designer(s), developer(s), tester(s), and any other resource that your software development project might need.

The difference is that your software development resource, using this model, is handled by a Project Manager, who is also provided by your technology partner. The Project Manager completely manages your software development resource to ensure smooth execution and timely delivery of your project.

The Managed Resource Model is ideal for businesses looking for stable project execution using industry expert(s) while saving big bucks on development, infrastructure, etc.

Why Use The Managed Resource Model?

  • Project Manager: You get a Project Manager in the Managed Resource Model who manages development expert(s) on your behalf.
  • Smooth Execution: The Project Manager makes sure that everything is delivered on time without any hassle. 
  • Stable Project Estimation: One of the most common challenges of software development is Project Creep – an extension of the project due to the introduction of new features midway or poor collaboration.

    Using the Managed Resource Model, you can make sure that everything is delivered as planned with the help of your managed remote development experts.

Managed Service Model

One of the most common engagement models you will find when looking to hire a software development team is the Managed Service Model. 

In this model, your software development project – be it a mobile app, website, or anything else, is handled from its inception to completion by your tech partner.

Your tech partner handles everything from strategizing, requirement analysis, handling development & designing requirements, project management, testing, and anything else that your software development project needs.

The Managed Services Model is common among entrepreneurs and businesses who have an idea or a project but are not clear about the technical requirements. Besides, businesses who want their (or their clients) project handled from start to finish without any hassle also choose this engagement model.

Why Use The Managed Service Model?

  • End-to-end: Managed Service Model is best for businesses who want their technology partner to execute their project from start to finish without any hassle.
  • On-time delivery: Your technology partner takes full responsibility to deliver your software development project on time. 
  • Cost-effective Execution: Along with other benefits this engagement model entails, it ensures top-quality execution of your project way within your budget.

Here is a table that briefly summarized all 3 engagement models I’ve mentioned in this section of how to hire a dedicated Software Development Team for your project/business.

Managed Service vs Managed Resource vs Dedicated Resource, How to hire dedicated development team for your business

No matter which engagement model you choose, you must be prepared beforehand to make sure that you make the most of it. In the next section of how to hire a dedicated development team for your project, I’ll talk about a few things you should do before contacting a provider.

Things To Do Before Contacting A Provider

Before proceeding to contact a service provider to hire a development team/resource for your business, there are a few things you should do to make sure that you don’t get ripped off by developers or any new companies.

Here are the top 3 things you should do before approaching a provider with your requirements.

Know What You Want

This is super important. Unless you are planning to go with the Managed Service Model, you have to be sure of which kind of development/design expert you need for your project.

This will save your time as well as the provider you choose to partner with for your software development project. 

Do Your Research

Just like you do market research for your app idea before moving forward, it becomes important to do your market research prior to choosing a service provider as well.

You can take help of reputed marketplaces like Clutch and GoodFirms. Such platforms will help you find out which company provides the expertise you want under your budget.

For instance, here’s what Resourcifi’s profile looks like on Clutch.

Resourcifi on Clutch, How to hire dedicated software development team for your business

Documentation Is Important

This is crucial. Before contacting a provider for your Software development project, make sure that you have a document containing every feature you want in your web/mobile app. 

This will make sure that you don’t end up investing extra resources on your project. Besides, if your development team completely understands your requirement, you can expect top-quality work!

Now that you know the prerequisites, engagement models in software development, let’s get to the hiring part. So, how to hire a software development team for your project?

How to Hire A Dedicated Software Development Team?

The hiring process changes according to the company you choose to partner with. We, at Resourcifi, have designed a simple and yet elaborate process for our clients to make sure that our clients benefit from the most-suited experts as per their project requirements.

Keep in mind that this hiring process applies only to two engagement models – Managed Resource Model and Dedicated Resource Model.

  • Requirement Analysis: In this step, we do an elaborate analysis of your project to determine the kind of development/design/testing experts you need.
  • Sharing of Portfolios: Depending on our requirement analysis, we share the work portfolios of experts from our team who suit your project needs for you to choose from.
  • Interview the Best: Once you choose the experts, you can interview the candidates to make sure that they align with project goals and your company’s culture.
  • The Final Step: Once the list of experts is finalized, we share an NDA and finalize the contract. And that’s it!

You have the best-suited experts in the industry working on your software development project. That’s how easy it is to hire a dedicated development team from Resourcifi.

In the next section of how to hire a dedicated development team for your business, I’ll give you social proof. I will share a few companies that use the engagement models mentioned above for their software development projects.

Top-tier Companies That Use Dedicated Software Development Team

There are a plethora of top-tier companies that use the engagement models I’ve mentioned in this blog to launch quickly with the help of best-in-class experts. Here are a few of them.

  • Skype

Who doesn’t love Skype? But very few of us know that the software wasn’t developed in-house. The software was developed by 3 Estonian programmers. Today, Skype is worth billions of dollars with more than 40 million daily active users!

  • Slack

Do you love the user interface of Slack? Well, the user interface of Slack was not created in-house. They used the Managed Service Model to get their User Interface of the app as well as their website designed by a third-party company. Slack currently has over 12 million daily active users and its user interface has a crucial role to play in it.

  • WhatsApp

WhatsApp used Dedicated Resource Model to get the core product of their iOS app. The keyword here is the “core” part of their app. Entrepreneurs often think to use different outsourcing or Staff Augmentation engagement models for miscellaneous tasks but be like WhatsApp. After all, WhatsApp is worth $19 billion in 2020.

Ready to Hire?

In this guide on how to hire a dedicated software development team for your business/project, I’ve covered almost everything you need to know. I hope this helps you to hire the most-suited dedicated software development team for your business.

But, hey! Since you are ready here, why go somewhere else? Resourcifi is an award-winning Staff Augmentation company. We have worked with clients like Standford, DOW, and many other big brands. We also work with budding businesses, startups, and SMBs.

We provide web & mobile app developers, CMS & eCommerce developers, software testers, and UI/UX designers. You can hire them using any engagement model mentioned above and set up a top-class software development team for your business. Ready to hire? Contact us today!