Remote Employment or Managed Employment?

Skills, expertise, endeavors, and knowledge are the four pillars on which an Organization stands. Whether a company is of large scale or a startup, having a competent staff is extremely important. To enroll proficient workers companies are compelled to spend large payouts in the recruitment process. Hiring a permanent employee is like opening the gateway of long-term expenditure like taxes, salary, bonus, insurance benefits, that a company is forced to pay each month. Ditch the traditional method of hiring and adopt the cost-cutting employment model called offshore staff augmentation.

Staff augmentation is an economic strategy of temporarily adding skilled workers to your existing staff and overlap the shortcomings. Many companies are embracing this strategy to strengthen their team, while other blindly depend on the ability of the onboarding staff. There has always been a clash between remote employment and managed employment that creates a fuss for Entrepreneurs who are thinking to contact a staff augmentation company. Constant comparison between hiring a distant worker or salaried employee ignite the chaos in the head of the employer and gives him second thoughts about his final decision.

Witness the advantages and disadvantages of having staff augmentation services or in-house staff and evade the confusion that was blocking your way to make a productive choice.


Advantages of Remote Employment/Staff Augmentation

Paying annually to the additional employees is a total waste of money since you only acquire their services for a short-term. Luckily, staff augmentation companies render efficient workers to whom you don’t have to pay full-time wage and give rewards just for the services which you have taken. It helps to maximize ROI by minimizing long-term expenditure.

Flexibility plays a significant part in driving the success of a business. It is indispensable for an Organization to be adaptive to the upcoming challenges. You can face any challenge with the additional support of professional and trained people solely by opting offshore staff augmentation. The augmented staff avails Firms to fulfill the hourly requirements of unique projects with sheer perfection.

Lower Risk Factor
The degree of risk is always high when you are working with new people but, the situation gets even worse when you hand over your entire project to an outsourced team. An exclusive substitute for outsourcing is staff augmentation, wherein you can monitor the development process and have direct control on your remote employees to sync their progress with your in-house team.

Top-Notch Quality
Despite being cost-effective, IT staff augmentation services have unmatched quality. Generally, the augmented staff are certified experts with years of knowledge and excellence in their domain so, it is evident that you don’t have to compromise on the quality front.


Let’s put a light on the disadvantages of staff augmentation:

Integrating Augmented Members
Bringing new members to the existing team slow down the development process for a particular time as the new employees have to assimilate with your company’s practices and work accordingly.

Taking Charge of More Employees
With additional staff comes additional responsibility to manage them though it will be a bit easy to guide the augmented team since they are trained workers, you still have to manage their activities.

Coming back to the center of the discussion, let us now apprehend the core concept of Managed employment and examine its pros & cons. Firstly, what do you understand by the term managed employment? Well, managed employment is the permanent in-house staff of a company which is responsible for the development and maintenance of the business without taking help from any outsourcing.


Advantages of Managed Employment

Avoid disruption in the work process
The accessibility of in-house workers is an absolute bliss as it avoids any outside disturbance in the workflow and enables smooth functioning. It allows employees to train and adjust their approaches accordingly.

Promotes Team Unity
When employees from diverse fields interchange new ideas, it strengthens their team spirit and bonding. The joint endeavors of employees impact the company’s productivity as a whole.

More Convenient to Control
The activities of managed employees are relatively easy to control than virtual employees as you can monitor their performance in real-time. Furthermore, you don’t have to reschedule the training session as per the wishes of your augmented employees, while you can instantly start with the training of the in-house workers.

Handle Emergency with Ease
In case  some emergency in the office premises shows up then that can be quickly reached out by the employee, since he is obtaining in-house training. By doing this, the work process will not get disturbed, and the flow of work will continue smoothly.

After acknowledging the perks of managed employment, it’s equally important to look at the other side.


So, here are the disadvantages of managed employment

Incurred Administration Cost
Though the company saves money by conducting in-house training, it adds on to the extra expenses such as arranging a proper training room, projectors and several other requirements that are asked by the trainer. To meet the demands raised by the trainer the administration cost has to be incurred.

Lack of Innovation
The thought process of the In-house staff usually becomes restricted, working in the same environment with the same people. It results in limited ideas and approaches which makes them inadequate to overcome a sudden challenge.

Absence of Exposure
The company trains the employee within a given prospectus thus, they don’t get the chance to meet employees from other companies. Even they don’t get exposed to the latest technologies and trends that are ruling the market.

There is no precise approach to project resourcing, some business specifications are better to carry out with IT staff augmentation services especially when you have a tight budget while the others are more suitable for managed employment. So the answer to the query which mode of recruitment is best remote employment or managed employment depends on you to decide as per your project needs. In case you are seeking for a staff augmentation company then, Resourcifi is a one-stop service provider for you. Here you can hire offshore staff for custom application and web development along with social media marketing and software testing. We follow agile approaches to provide cost-cutting services. What else do you want?