Resourcifi - Blog - Top 5 Software Testing Trends for 2018

Top 5 Emergent Software Testing Trends for 2018

Posted on : 2/20/2018

With the ever-growing software development industry being driven by digitization and new mobilization techniques, the software quality assurance industry is keeping up with the fast pace by adapting to the new emerging changes in the business. Quality assurance is one of the most critical phases before the launch of any product or service which promises…

Resourcifi - Blog - Comparing PHP, Python and Javascript

Comparing PHP, Python & JavaScript

Posted on : 2/12/2018

There is a lot of confusion among developers when it comes to differentiating between PHP, Python and JavaScript. Developers find it hard to select the correct programming language to use for server-side as well as client-side development. Before we get into the factual assessment, here is a brief introduction of these programming languages: PHP: It…

Resourcifi vs. An In-House Team

Posted on : 1/22/2018

While you make the hiring choice and decide between an in-house permanent employee and an employee from Resourcifi, it is significant to properly contemplate on all the costs involved to make a sound business decision. Here, we show you how hiring an employee from Resourcifi can lead to huge savings! Resourcifi Saves Your Expenses on:…

5 On-Point Reasons Why Businesses are adopting Artificial Intelligence

Posted on : 1/5/2018

5 On-Point Reasons Why Businesses are adopting Artificial Intelligence:
The advent of the tidal wave of next gen technologies like Internet of Things, big data analytics, cloud services, etc. has provided an upsurge to many artificially intelligence driven solutions and employed the insights from the colossal volume of big data and information.

5 Myths about Hiring Remote Developers from India

Posted on : 1/3/2018

1. Illegitimate Companies Deliver Remote Services One of the most debated fallacies about remote staffing from India is that such companies are fraudsters. While discussing these matters, one should keep in mind that we find the honest and the rip-offs in every profession. We cannot label the entire industry as illegal if we have had…

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional from Resourcifi over Hiring a Freelancer:

Posted on : 12/22/2017

5 Benefits of Hiring a Professional from Resourcifi over Hiring a Freelancer: Outsourcing business operations is becoming progressively prevalent now-a-days ; however, the most significant query that many business owners come up with is whether to work with a remote professional staffing agency like Resourcifi or an individual freelancer. Both the possibilities have their pros…

Earning Global Accolades: Resourcifi Ranked as one of the Top Global Staff Augmentation Service Firms by Clutch

Posted on : 12/8/2017

Perpetuating the accomplishment on the pedestal to proficiency, Resourcifi has been bestowed upon the title of one of the Top Staff Augmentation companies in the world by Clutch – a ratings and reviews firm covering numerous companies from around the globe. A managed remote staff augmentation solutions provider, Resourcifi has been unnervingly keeping up with…

6 Reasons to Switch to SaaS and Accentuate your Business Stratagems:

Posted on : 11/14/2017

Being one of the hottest investments in today’s cloud computing arena, it goes without saying that the SaaS (Software as a service) Services have created a lot of buzz in the IT industry. Looking at the way how radically the things are progressing ahead, it is high time to shift gears from conventional on-premise infrastructures…

How to create an effective Business Plan for your Mobile App?

Posted on : 9/11/2017

Thinking of building that perfect app you always thought of for your business or you have already got it developed? If yes, the first thing you need to do right away is create a business plan. It will not only acquaint you with how the market functions and things you need to do to make…