Top 5 Javascript Frameworks in 2019

JavaScript is an exemplary programming language that enables seamless web development. It helps to create a user-friendly experience by availing client-side scripting and building an interactive user interface of web pages. JavaScript is the most-used programming language as it can run on cross-platform applications unlike, SSI or PHP regardless of the file extension. It is efficient in generating dynamic web objects and parameters. As per a survey conducted by Stack Overflow among IT professionals in 2018, JavaScript turns out to be the most loved scripting language with 62.5% rankings in its favor.



Do you know the reason behind the remarkable fame of JavaScript? It’s all on account of JavaScript frameworks. JavaScript framework is a collection of code libraries which provides pre-written codes to ease the routine programming tasks of developers. Framework renders ready-to-use elements to outline an application. There are an array of JavaScript frameworks for web app development, choosing the right one can be a troublesome task for the developers as well for the Entrepreneurs. So here is the list of top 10 JavaScript frameworks and libraries that will continue to rule in 2019, it will guide you to make a correct decision:


JavaScript framework which deserves the first place in this list is Vue. It was released in the year 2014, and from that time it took the throne by overpowering other frameworks. The popularity of Vue has gone by leaps among Vuejs developers due to its ability to use HTML syntax and writing codes at a rapid rate. Evan You, the creator of Vue, has picked up the best practices of other libraries and frameworks to build a lightweight yet potent framework like Vue. Its simple structure fits any web project that helps to develop any scale of templates (small or large), which saves the time of developers. Besides that, Vue.js facilitates simple integration as it has components for everything that allows the developer to easily design new applications and modify the existing ones. Vue’s worth can be estimated by the fact that it is trusted by some popular companies like Facebook, Adobe, Grammarly, Netflix, Behance, and the list is a long one. Vue got the highest star rating from GitHub as represented below:




Holding the second position on this list, Reactjs is a declarative library for building UI of single page applications. It provides fast, flexible, and easy solutions to develop high-performance applications. React was created by Facebook to simplify the process of web development. A chief benefit of using React is, its virtual DOM implementation which replicates the actual HTML code documents and showcases changes in the virtual DOM that ultimately saves the time of developers. React is the primary choice of front-end developers as it allows them to operate UI of web apps with heavy incoming traffic. Backed by an extensive community of 1300 contributors, React acts as a treasure trove of resources and detailed documentation for newbies.




Considerably, Angular is the oldest and most reliable open-source JavaScript framework. Despite being the oldest, AngularJS is still the first choice of developers worldwide as it enables developers to create rich single page applications rather than stagnant HTML websites. Google has taken a step further to revamp application development by constructing the finest typescript Angular. Its upgraded dependency injection, lucid component-based architecture, logging services compel one to opt this framework for the upcoming projects. Another benefit of using Angular is that it supports caching, which ultimately enhances the overall performance of the server.




Who doesn’t wish for flexible and fast web application development solutions? Introducing you Nodejs, a real-time application, cloud-computing hosting service provider. Developers consider Node as a blessing as it allows them to easily write server-side apps in JavaScript that stimulate their work pace. It empowers them to write both front-end and back-end web applications in JavaScript availing a runtime environment. Nodejs is extremely valuable for the companies who have budget constraints as it is a full-stack framework which implies it can be used for server-side as well as client-side applications. Moreover, Node is highly extensible that can be customized as per your requirements that adds to its credibility.


Express is a prefabricated Node.js framework which makes server-side coding process lucid. Some of the key aspects of ExpressJS include minimalist, scalable and simple. It serves a Utopian framework to design every type of application, whether it’s about developing a single page, multiple pages, or hybrid app, ExpressJS got it all. Express acclaims to be the most-preferred choice of developers, given the fact that it supports a wide range of powerful plugins and reusable codes. It is a lightweight and minimalist framework which moderates the error occurrence.

These were the top 5 frameworks that are highly recommended to build robust web applications. If you are still confused to select one from these elite frameworks then, go for Vuejs since it is the most flexible, adaptive, and versatile framework. Hire Vuejs developer from Resourcifi and enrich your business. We have a talented team of Vue experts who adopt an agile approach to create real-time applications.

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