Jamaica Information Services (JIS) is one of the most dynamic PR and marketing facilities within the public sector. JIS provides its services to non-governmental organizations including corporate entities and international agencies.


JIS acquired the project to develop a mission critical application for the Government of Jamaica.

However, the project entailed building a relatively extensive application on an extremely strict deadline. Being a public sector undertaking, it was also necessary for the project to conform to civic standards and best practices. JIS were finding it tough to find suitable .NET developers who would not only roll-out the required application within the time frame but also ensure that the quality is not compromised. The challenge lay in the lack of .NET experience across their internal staff and delivering the project in the defined timeframe which was under 12 weeks.

The Solution

To tackle the challenge effectively, we drafted a thorough project scope which made the requirements crystal clear to us and the client.

Once this was done it was a no-brainer that for the project to be successful, JIS needed dedicated .NET developers who would work full-time on the application.


Resourcifi provided JIS with experienced .NET developers onsite, who worked round the clock with the client in building the application.

Resourcifi further simplified the complex as well as extensive job by developing reusable components and design elements that could easily be implemented in the project. We focussed primarily on these key elements which in result saved significant amount of time with the help of our dynamic development capabilities. The availability of local skilled resources only boosted the process by completely eradicating any additional cost.


Team Size



Full - Time


Dot Net

Resources Hired

1 Project Manager


‚ÄčOn site staff provided within 2 weeks, significant reduction in development time


Time & Quality

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