Case Study

About the Client

Headquartered in Midland, Michigan, the Dow Chemical Company is an American multinational chemical corporation and operates in 180 countries. It is a leader in specialty chemicals delivering products and solutions to markets such as electronics, water and energy. Dow's principal lines of business include Agricultural Sciences, Consumer Solutions, Infrastructure Solutions, Performance Materials & Chemicals, and Performance Plastics.

Industry: Environment Health & Safety

Team Size: 4 Members.


Getting All Digitalized

Previously, Dow’s employees and contractors had to constantly refer to large physical rule books or their computers to get any data concerning the Environment Health & Safety norms at the firm. The client wanted us to find a solution that would enable them to translate all Environment Health & Safety related documents into a mobile app.

Tracking Usage Statistics

We were supposed to build a database of all the users of the app as well as track their usage statistics. The company had no automated means of getting feedback of the working tools and policies from its workforce, so an interface to enable Dow to get this feedback to ensure their safety was also to be included in this mobile app.

Meeting Project Deadline

One of the main challenges was the extremely short deadline to finish the project. The application had to go live very soon as announcements of the release had already been made. So, the development work was supposed to be planned according to the short deadline.

Proposition Offered

Resourcifi identified the problem and took it as a challenge to deliver the Phase 1 within the timeline. We put along a hybrid team of on-site and off-site, highly skilled Android & iOS developers for this project. This hybrid team of developers built a custom application so Dow could track usage statistics of all its users and get the required feedback.

Resourcifi also developed a custom mobile app for the client to allow easy access to EH&S related data in a user-friendly way to all its employees.

Key Technologies & Platforms

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Agile Project Management: Scrum Methodology

Agile Model for Software Development Lifecycle

In this work strategy, we define a release, schedule an iteration, and understand the iteration tasks and tests, and then begin with the real work. For Dow Chemicals, we focused on accomplishing constant improvement, flexibility, full involvement of the team, and the timely delivery with exceptional results. We followed an iterative and progressive technique of management. Our prime focus was on the rapid delivery of business value with top-notch quality.

Technical & Implementation

  • Digitizing all data from physical rule books.
  • Accomplishment of multiple features in the app in a short time period.
  • Handling multiple change requests form the client.
  • Short deadline.


Savings of $250,000 on Development Costs

DOW benefitted by saving up to $250,000 by using Resourcifi’s services. Additionally, the client saved considerable amount of time too.

Development of Desired Mobile Application

Resourcifi developed Native Android and iOS Apps for the Client.

Quality based Timely Delivery

The project was accomplished well ahead of the time limit. It helped Dow Chemicals save valuable time.

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