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About the Client

With its base in Palmdale and Toluca Lake, GO TRIBE deals with multiple fitness studios and owns remarkable fitness technologies. The corporate exposure of the CEO & Co-Owner Chris Hodges, was the starting point of the inception of this enterprise. Chris wasn’t pleased with the corporate approach to treat customers as resources to achieve sales goals. GO TRIBE’s basic intention lies in treating the customers as individuals and not as numbers on their sales sheets. They know the value of the trust that their customers have on them and strive to deliver unsurpassed health and fitness services to their clients.

Industry: Health and Fitness


Mobile App with limited functionalities

The client wanted the app to provide them live data of the workout and respective results as well. Further, they wanted the app to let the users schedule classes conveniently. The client wanted to use the app for multiple functionalities for various user levels.

Limited control on Third-party backend

The client was using third-party services for managing entire backend functionalities. As the Backend as a Service Program didn’t allow the client to take whole control of the infrastructure and software stack, they wanted to develop backend on their own.

Low Website Performance

The client wanted the website to be more dynamic and user-friendly for uploading images or data. The site was supposed to be accessed by a major part of the client’s customers for various activities. So, it needed to be consistent with the performance as well as with the speed metrics.

Proposition Offered

Redevelopment of Existing APIs on NodeJS

This would make the API’s lean and enhance system’s performance.

Custom Mobile Solution – Native iOS and Android Apps

This solution would enable to:

  • Monitor, track and keep a record of user’s fitness metrics
  • View live heart rate outcomes from user’s training
  • Associate user’s live heart rate stream to Trainer for Go TRIBE personal training sessions.
  • Log all workouts, heart rate outcomes in a calendar.
  • Functionality to compete with friends and family for Go POINTS.

Robust & Scalable Backend Development

To provide exceedingly safe and reliable coding in PHP, with CodeIgniter framaework, the client was provided the solution to use CodeIgniter (framework in PHP) for developing the backend. The development of a backend web application would help to transition Go Tribe App and business operations to a web only interface.

This would enable the user to

  • Manage Users
  • Manage Payments
  • Manage memberships
  • Create Personalized Reports
  • Update Attendance

Dynamic Website

The website was proposed to be built using WordPress for ease of updating additional functionalities. This would help to build a robust and dynamic website.

Key Technologies & Platforms

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Agile Project Management: Scrum Methodology

By following the agile strategy, we concentrated on attaining constant enhancement, flexibility, full contribution of the team, and the timely delivery with excellent outcomes. We followed an iterative and progressive technique of management. Our prime focus was on the rapid delivery of business value with top-notch quality.

Technical & Implementation

  • Tracking & Updating live data of the user
  • Maintaining numerous concurrent user connections
  • Connecting a Bluetooth Heart Rate Monitor to the mobile application
  • Collective live update of data of multiple users (Pulse of the Tribe updates)
  • Ensuring no time-lag while tracking user data
  • Timely delivery of the project notwithstanding the multiple change requests form the client.


Savings of $100,000 on development costs

Go-Tribe benefitted by saving up to $100,000 by using Resourcifi’s services. Apart from that the delivery of the project ahead of the deadline facilitated the client by saving considerable amount of time. Go-Tribe successfully saved its time and money efficiently.

Robust Website with Better Interface

The new website provides a better user interface and user experience than the previous version. There is a more organized system to view the contents on the website now.

Personalized, Strong & Robust Backend

Resourcifi provided the client with a robust backend, meeting their expectations.

Timely Delivery of the Project

The project was accomplished well ahead of the time limit. It helped Go Tribe save valuable time and bring the product to intended audience much before the projected time.

Development of Interactive Mobile Applications

Resourcifi developed Native Android and iOS Apps for the Client. This enabled the app users to have a better UI/UX interface as well as improved the app’s performance on multiple platforms.

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