Case Study

About the Client

HGE Healthcare Solutions is an offshoot firm of the Temple University Hospital (one of the big names in the medical educational arena in the Philadelphia area) and is soon to commercialize some of the research that it conducts in the pulmonary area. HGE provides numerous mobile platforms for telemedicine facilities and disease management for patients. HGE Health was shaped to make the accessibility of the Temple Lung Center’s solution easier to the global COPD patient population.

HGE has a world-class squad of influential leaders from healthcare and tech backgrounds from companies such as Pfizer, Healthways, Change Healthcare, IBM, Deloitte, EDS, VerticalNet, Global Healthcare Exchange, and various academic medical centers. The corporation has years of research insights and real-world understanding associated with clinical care and research, healthcare technology, patient engagement, UI/UX experience, large-scale data and machine learning, and integrated delivery system-based disease management.

Industry: Healthcare Industry

Team Size: 4 Members.


Strict Deadlines

The project needed to be managed on very strict deadlines with very unforeseen short notice documentations available for processing.

Learning COPD Niceties

Along with the development, the coders had to gather relevant knowledge to understand the basics of COPD for developing related apps.

Creating Multiple Apps

The client wanted us to come up with several similar mobile applications over a relatively short period, which was a difficult task.

Ensuring HIPAA Compliance

The client had to abide by regulations by HIPAA, and so the apps had to go through penetration testing, which made it a tough task.

Proposition Offered

  • Assignment of work to dedicated professionals.
  • Division of task within timelines
  • The proposition offered the development professionals to operate month on month, increasing in number and delivering apps across Android & iOS.

Key Technologies & Platforms

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Agile Project Management: Scrum Methodology

Agile methodology is a SDLC approach that encourages unceasing reiteration of the development and testing phases through the software development lifecycle of any project. In agile, unlike the waterfall method, both development and testing actions are synchronized by regular iterations.

The reasons why Resourcifi preferred this model for the development are:

  • One-on-one as well as team communications over progressions
  • Client association over contract negotiation
  • Consistent updates on the on-going work

Technical & Implementation

  • Development of the project from scratch
  • Working on numerous apps in a limited time duration
  • Working on fundamental healthcare details related to COPD
  • Dividing time efficiently & exclusively among development phases of several applications.
  • Keeping track of meticulous technological details while designing and developing the app


We successfully delivered the principal COPD Co-Pilot application which is used by patients primarily for symptom reporting.

The mobile applications developed have reduced inpatient admissions, inpatient days, and emergency department visits by over 50%.

The client was pleased with the quality of the work that we delivered & extended our contract to continue providing staff augmentation. With a complete revamp of the COPD app lined up for this year, Resourcifi continues to remain HGE Healthcare Solutions’ technology partner for times to come.

When applying for a CE mark in Europe and FDA approval in the US, the application code structure underwent rigorous penetration tests conducted by an audit company to come up with zero major defects. This only reaffirmed the sincere efforts put into developing multiple apps for our client.

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