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About the Client

The Buddha Gallery is one of the largest assortments of Buddhist & Hindu antique scriptures globally. The business features close to around 2100 pieces for sale online. The Gallery was launched in the year 2001, The Buddha Gallery has an extensive customer base spread across Asia & North America. The store is every art appreciator’s paradise, offering exquisite & exclusive items from Thailand, Burma, Laos, Cambodia, Nepal, Tibet, Mongolia, China, Japan, Korea, Sri Lanka, India, and Indonesia. Most of the items in the store are antique and made of bronze.

Industry: E-Commerce

Team Size: 3 Members.


Problematic Product Customizations and Upgrades.

Developed on core PHP, the erstwhile website was based on an obsolete technology which forbade client from widespread product customizations and store upgrades. They wanted to overcome these problems.

Issue in Tracking Product Status.

Earlier, the client was unable to manage the status of every product. The client’s platform was outdated and hard to manage. They needed a well-organized system to manage the status of various products.

Time Lag in Fixing
the Errors.

The client was using the third-party services to fix any error in the website. The process of logging the complaint and getting the error fixed was time consuming and lead to a huge amount of loss of money as well as time.

Speed & Performance of the Website

The speed and performance of the website was not at par with the client’s expectations. Being an E-commerce website, The Buddha Gallery was expected to be a high-performance website. However, the website was low on performance.

Need of an Online Auction System

The client was not having any auction system online. They wanted a system through which the process of auctioning the products could become easy and hassle-free. The client also wanted an auto-auctioning functionality to be added.

Need of a Custom Reporting System

The client looked-for a Custom-built reporting system to track the products in the webstore. The client did not want any third-party inclusions and wanted to build a reporting system with product details, images, serial nos. etc.

Proposition Offered

Use of Magento for Development

Due to its scalability and flexibility, Magento was the best option to provide end-to-end solution for the development process. We proposed the use of Magento for development as it is a robust and scalable framework with cutting-edge features and outstanding catalog management options.

Mobile App Development – Android & iOS

This solution would enable to:

  • View Products
  • Manage Product enquiries
  • Perform in-App Bidding

Integration of an Auction System

This would enable the website to compare user’s bid with those of others, increasing user’s bid behalf to maintain high bid position. Other proposed features include reserve price auctions, bid increments, safety bids to boost and make the auctions convenient for customers.

Integration of the Custom Reporting System

The Custom Reporting system would help the client to manage reports about the products on excel and manage them. This would make the work for the admin very easy and untroublesome.

Key Technologies & Platforms

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Agile Project Management: Scrum Methodology

By following the agile strategy, we focused on attaining incessant development, flexibility, full contribution of the team, and the timely delivery with exceptional outcomes. We followed an iterative and progressive practice of management. Our major focus was on the quick delivery of business value with top-notch quality.

Technical & Implementation

  • Preparing a custom auction system for the client
  • Migrating and indexing over 100,000 photos for the webstore
  • Upgrading entire webstore to a new platform from scratch
  • Integration of comprehensive reporting system
  • Fixing of detailed broken content


Savings of $50,000 on Development Costs from May,2016 to Jan,2018.

Since Resourcifi and Buddha Gallery started working together, the Client saved close to around $50,000. The client continues to trust us with the quality of work and the cost-effective services that we offer.

Massive Surge in Web and Mobile Traffic.

After upgrading the website and developing high performance mobile applications, there has been considerable amount of upsurge in the traffic. This has provided substantial boost to the business.

Backend Integration with Comprehensive Reporting System.

A comprehensive reporting system was integrated with the backend. The integration now enables the client to showcase item thumbnails, selling and buying prices, year of purchase, origin and other details, which helps in keeping a track of every artifact and its status.

Facility of Custom Built Auction System

This feature allows a customer to bid for an item and select a time limit for it. The customer keeps on getting continuous updates and notifications about the on-going auction. As soon as the stipulated time-limit is reached, an email notification is sent to the customer and the auctions ends. Through a series of complex algorithms and coding, we successfully activated the auto-bidding feature for the site.

Resourcifi Continues to Maintain the Client Website.

After analyzing the work done by professionals from Resourcifi, the client has extended the contract. The client trusts Resourcifi to successfully maintain the website and plans to work together in the future as well.

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