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An organization is identified for its products and services but succeeds because of its employees. Recruitment, especially for the IT vertical, can be overwhelming for even the plushest and well-staffed companies. Multiple rounds of interviews followed by background checks and remuneration discussions can make the process exhausting.

With Resourcifi, you get a vendor that is not a recruitment firm but an IT partner who understands how one hire can either be extremely helpful or disastrous. Our years of software development experience, combined with a team of headhunters get you the best talent out there without any strings. We define all of our costs beforehand and do all the paperwork for you.

IT Recruitment

We offer flexible IT staffing solutions

At Resourcifi Technologies, we are a full-service IT Staffing Solutions Provider. Our offerings include recruiting permanent IT professionals, IT executive search and head hunting, and IT consultants staffing.

We are experienced in recruiting permanent IT professionals. We follow the contingency fee concept, meaning you have to pay only once you feel the candidate is right for the job. We will work closely with you, so that your efforts combined with our network of contacts and expertise can help us find the best IT talent there is available today. So, hire us to know the true worth of our services.

Our expertise includes meeting your specific needs, such as finding a specific resource for a short-term IT project or finding a temporary replacement). In addition to our very own pool of IT consultants, we have a list of contacts that we can turn to whenever we need an IT consultant for our clients. Our fee for finding the right IT consultant for you includes cost of administrative tasks and remuneration of consultants.

We provide retained search services for more confidential recruitment needs, such executive search and head hunting. We follow the professional code of conduct while offering you high-quality staffing solutions. Our focus is on confidentiality, attention to detail, and foresight.

Our Objective – Guarantee Of Work, Competitive fee

We focus on delivering exceptional results through individualized service. We know that not every business can afford a million service, neither are we offering one. Our prices are quite reasonable and you can know more about our prices and how they match with the service we offer by giving us a call or dropping us an email.

Whether it is head hunting, temporary, or permanent IT staffing service you need, you can rest assured that the quality of service we offer at Resourcifi is the best in the industry.

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We bring added-value to your recruiting effort

With our network of IT professionals, you will be able to find the best people in the industry who are not actively engaged in job search. We represent you and make sure that these talents agree to be a part of your establishment. We are not only good in analyzing skills, but also in convincing these IT professionals to accept the new challenges you are offering them through a particular role.

We search based on what you are looking for. Our ratio of hirings per candidates referred is quite high. When we start searching for the right candidate for you, we make sure that the job is done without any delay.

We are different in the sense that we can offer high-quality staffing solutions and make sure that they are customized to your specific needs. Team presentation and discussion of positions to be filled or Discussion on candidates required and positions to be filled.
Our entire team contributes towards finding the right candidate for you. The team is detailed about the requirements and then strategies are developed, ideas are shared, and leads are exchanged until the perfect approach is found.

You will benefit from a customized service from IT recruitment experts. Our team of IT recruiters cumulates more than 80 years of experience and we implemented an unique work methodology that delivers superior results for our clients.

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IT Recruitment Solutions

An organization is identified for its products and services but succeeds because of its employees

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