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Solutions Provided by our MEAN stack developers

Web Services & API Development
Enterprise CMS Development
MEAN Stack E-commerce Development
MEAN Stack ERP Development
Migration and Porting Services
Maintenance & Support

Why Resourcifi?

120+ Years of Collective Experience
No Recruitment Cost
Continuous Progress Reportage
Cost-Effective Services
Flexible Engagement
Confidentiality & IP Protection

Some facts about MEAN Stack


MEAN is a combination of

  • MongoDB
  • ExpressJS
  • AngularJS
  • Node.js

- MEAN stack aids in developing web applications with one programming language (JavaScript) from client to server side.

- MEAN Stack components are free and open source.

- MEAN Stack comes with an architecture that safeguards data.

- MEAN Stack has a powerful testing tools suite.

- MEAN stack works finest with Model View Control (MVC) architecture.

How We Work?

At Resourcifi, we believe in following a process driven workflow. To ensure seamless communication and complete transparency, we have a procedural structure for working with dedicated offshore mean stack developer.

Select from an assortment of Hiring Models

We provide the flexibility of choosing the best-suited engagement model to all our customers.

Part-Time Model

This model includes a professional working with the client for four hours per day, twenty days a month.

Full-Time Model

This model comprises of an expert working with the client for eight hours per day, twenty days a month.

Hybrid Model

It is a merger of the Full-Time and Part-Time Models. Some of the experts in this model work full time and some of them work part-time.

Express.js Developer Skills

Additional skills that our Express JS developers have:

Development Skills
  • Sharp in Angularjs & Node js
  • Express.js programming skills
  • Database management in MongoDB
MVC Frameworks
  • Hapi.js
  • RESTify
  • Mojito
UI Frameworks
  • Bootstrap
  • jQuery

Client Testimonials

CTO | Affinity Partnerships LLC
Timothy McClanahan, CTO, Affinity Partnerships

“We are enjoying how fast they get things done. They are also quite ready to help and eager to start on new projects. They also document their time really well, which is usually a huge problem with subcontractors.”

CTO | Affinity Partnerships LLC
Abhinav Rastogi, Executive Director, HGE Health Care Solutions

““There are some key executives and a board member in our company who had done work with other overseas companies, all the way from Brazil to India and had terrible experiences. This was a hurdle when making our initial pilot, but everyone now has only good things to say about our relationship with Resourcifi.””

CTO | Affinity Partnerships LLC
Doug Campbell, Director Of IT, MP2 ENERGY LLC

“Resourcifi met the project specifications on time and within the quoted budget. After the updates were rolled out, we received several positive comments about the improvements from the portal subscribers.”

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