best seo plugin for wordpress

5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Posted on : 1/23/2019

Improve Your Website’s Ranking With These 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress which started off as a free open source solution, has built its reputation for providing bloggers and businesses around the world with a solid online platform. As per their About Us page, WordPress in its present form powers more than 28% of the…

drupal 7 vs drupal 8 performance

5 Key differences between Drupal 7 and Drupal 8

Posted on : 1/18/2019

Considering a CMS upgrade? Being one of the most reliable and secure Content Management Systems (CMS), Drupal is highly popular for developing websites and web applications. As Drupal was launched in 2001 within the open source community, its several versions have been introduced till date. The latest version in each series fixes the issues that were discovered…

ios vs android which is better

iOS vs Android- The Pros and Cons

Posted on : 1/14/2019

Lifting productivity is undoubtedly, the key to a successful business. Higher customer expectations, technological advances, and especially globalization have increased the need for better productivity today. But there’s this one question that has still kept businesses confused – Android VS iOS – which operating system is better and will help yield more profits? Will an…

Resourcifi blog - Magento 2 Advantages Over Magento 1

Major Magento 2 Advantages over Magento 1

Posted on : 8/31/2018

Magento 2 was released in the year 2015, and since then it is bringing on its promise of being a considerably enhanced and improved version of the Magento 1 platform. Magento presently holds 14% of the market share for the ecommerce platforms.

Resourcifi blog - WordPress - Advantages and Disadvantages

WordPress Advantages and Disadvantages

Posted on : 8/1/2018

WordPress is undoubtedly the most used and famous Content Management System because of its abundant features and plenty of customization opportunities. Here, in this blog, we discuss WordPress advantages and disadvantages to get an idea about WordPress features and benefits. Also, we consider some of the problems with using WordPress.

Resourcifi blog - Cost Estimate for Mobile Application Development

Cost Estimate for Mobile Application Development

Posted on : 7/19/2018

The fact that information on mobile apps is relatively easier to capture as well as their considerable lower price has translated into a growing industry which produces every year more and more. The corollary is simple. If you are aimed at success, you should consider app development. A well-built app is bound to bring you…

6 Reasons Why India is Preferred for Outsourcing

Posted on : 7/12/2018

According to Statistica’s forecast for the upcoming year 2018, based on the survey time between 2013-2017, the outlays in the IT services industry is estimated to reach around $US 14.31 Billion in India. Hexagon Consulting’s study proves India’s supremacy in the remote hiring scenario as India’s outsourcing business amounts to roughly $US 118 Billion. These…

Staff Augmentation and Business Revolution

Staff Augmentation and Business Revolution

Posted on : 5/12/2018

Today, the shift of the workforce towards more provisional workers has fueled business modernization with technology being a top contributor. Technology contributes to 23% of all temporary workers, after only to the shared group of manufacturing and warehousing. Within technology, this workforce is typically termed “staff augmentation.” Staff Augmentation has developed as an expected result…

Blog on GDPR Compliance by Resourcifi

Ensuring Data Security: The General Data Protection Regulation

Posted on : 4/16/2018

The recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook privacy breach scandal is the newest addition to several scandals that have raised a question on the way how the online data is being handled, leaving people helpless about the security of their online data. As a comeback, most of the internet giants are tight-lipped. However, the GDPR compliance…