Ensuring Data Security: The General Data Protection Regulation

Posted on : 4/16/2018

The recent Cambridge Analytica and Facebook privacy breach scandal is the newest addition to several scandals that have raised a question on the way how the online data is being handled, leaving people helpless about the security of their online data. As a comeback, most of the internet giants are tight-lipped. However, the GDPR compliance

Top 10 Trends for Startups in 2018

Posted on : 3/26/2018

1. Blockchain Blockchain has positively enabled anything digital to be used as a tangible and ownable asset. Using blockchain any online asset can be given a unique and trackable identity. This enables these assets to be collected, traded or sold. 2018 is predicted to be the year to see the growth of blockchain in digital

In-House Testing – A Good Business Decision?

Posted on : 3/22/2018

Quality Assurance is an essential part of any software development lifecycle. It is a crucial area where every company puts the best foot forward to get the optimum result. That is why determining the nature of the QA team as a dedicated in-house testing team or as an outsourced team from a specialized company is

Cybersecurity Trends 2018

Posted on : 3/6/2018

1. AI Powered Attack: Just a few years ago, Artificial Intelligence was an ultramodern notion that could only be found in science- fiction scripts or movies. However, today, AI is a real-world concept that is driving the cybersecurity industry to astounding heights. According to a report by Webroot Inc., a private American company that offers

Top 5 Emergent Software Testing Trends for 2018

Posted on : 2/20/2018

With the ever-growing software development industry being driven by digitization and new mobilization techniques, the software quality assurance industry is keeping up with the fast pace by adapting to the new emerging changes in the business. Quality assurance is one of the most critical phases before the launch of any product or service which promises

Comparing PHP, Python & JavaScript

Posted on : 2/12/2018

There is a lot of confusion among developers when it comes to differentiating between PHP, Python and JavaScript. Developers find it hard to select the correct programming language to use for server-side as well as client-side development. Before we get into the factual assessment, here is a brief introduction of these programming languages: PHP: It