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Flexible Engagement Models

As a leading machine learning development company, we offer flexible engagement models to allow our clients to hire ML developers with ease. Our machine learning expert can be availed on full-time, part-time or on an hourly basis.

Part Time

04 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month

Full Time

08 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month


Billed in accordance with the ML developer and time invested in your project.
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Why Hire ML Developers from Resourcifi?

Cost Savings

With no rental costs, zero payroll costs, administrative costs or any other costs, hire ML developers from Resourcifi to save your business dollars while maximizing productivity & ensuring quality!


Hire machine learning developers from Resourcifi to use ML techniques for your business. Our developers have knowledge of machine learning solutions like NLP, IR, and deep neural networks.

Same Time Zone

We understand that two-way communication is necessary to function efficiently. To ensure this, your ML development team from Resourcifi functions in your time zone & during your working hours.


You can easily scale up or down your machine learning development team as per your requirements. We always have more ML developers to help you with your increasing machine learning needs!

How To Hire ML experts at Resourcifi?

Our ML developers are highly skilled and can help you with voice recognition, advanced chatbots, cognitive insight and more! We have divided the entire hiring process into 5 simple steps to make sure that you hire ML developer who meets the development requirements of your business.

Requirement Analysis

We develop a clear understanding of your requirements which helps us to find the right fit of ML developer for you.


We share work portfolios of the ML developer to ensure that you get the best developer for your machine learning development needs.


After shortlisting the shared resumes, you may conduct interviews through voice or video calls to hire ML developers who suit your needs.


We follow a SCRUM approach to ensure that the software development using ML techniques delivered by our developers is free of bugs.


Once you find the right ML developer for your development requirements, we will share an NDA for review.

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ML Solutions

Deep Learning

Use Deep Leaning in machine learning development to enable machines for unsupervised functioning such as detection of objects and more!

Cognitive Engagement

Use advanced ML solutions to detect patterns in your consumer database. Automate customer interaction for better experience via cognitive engagement.

Neural Networks

Use ML techniques to derive complex patterns in your datasets through hidden mini-functions & corresponding outputs for predictable business outcomes.

Business Analytics

Predict outcomes, consumer behavior, & market trends to make data-driven business decisions using advanced machine learning development.

Image Recognition

Categorize & level better to create an unprecedented user experience through image recognition using complex algorithms in machine learning development.

Unsupervised Learning

Function efficiently by automating the categorization and labeling of unsorted consumer data to produce insights on consumer behavior using ML techniques.

Case Study


Smart Cart, an e-commerce company, was struggling with its consumer segmentation on things like purchase history & demography. They were looking for ML developers to simplify this process for development, promotional, & customer acquisition purposes.

Our Approach

After multiple sessions, our ML developers presented Smart Cart different ways for consumer segmentation based on things like demography. The database had about 409 information rows that had to sorted using Clustering - one of ML techniques.


“After ML implementation, our consumer targeting is much more precise. The numbers have gone up. Our customer retention and acquisition has improved significantly. My team of ML developers from Resourcifi deserves all the credit.” - Head of Marketing & Operations, Smart Cart



Use advanced classification algorithms dimension reduction techniques and more to streamline data storage and detect anomalies in Healthcare Apps using ML solutions.


Use machine learning development for algorithmic trading, detecting fraud and analytics to secure transactions and improve consumer experience in the finance industry.


Use advanced classification algorithms dimension reduction techniques and more to streamline data storage and detect anomalies in Healthcare Apps using ML solutions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every ML developer at Resourcifi is highly skilled and has relevant technical knowledge with years of industry experience. Some of the ML solutions that our competent ML developers can offer, but not limited to, are Image Recognition, Natural Language Processing, Anomaly Detection, Predictive Business Analytics and more!
An ML developer at Resourcifi has all the required skills that are needed for tuning and deployment of ML techniques in your business processes. Right from technical development knowledge of Python & R to understanding of AI and more, our machine learning developers have the soft & hard skills needed and can fit all ML development requirements of your business!
It’s simple! To hire ML developers, just fill this form and we will reach out to you as soon as we can! We will discuss your requirements and find the best fit of ML developer from our talent pool for your needs.
Resourcifi Developers have worked with various businesses from different industries. Some of the industries our ML developers, but not limited to, are: Retail & E-commerce, Healthcare, Banking, Gaming, and more!
We have flexible engagement models for hiring our ML developers to help businesses save money while maximizing productivity and quality development.
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