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Flexible Engagement Models

As a leading RPA company, we offer flexible engagement models to enable our clients to hire RPA developers with ease. Our RPA developers can be availed on full-time, part-time or on an hourly basis.

Part Time

04 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month

Full Time

08 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month


Billed in accordance with the RPA developer and time dedicated to your project.
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Why Hire RPA Developers from Resourcifi?

Cost Savings

With zero payroll costs, rental costs or any administrative costs, hire RPA developers from Resourcifi to save your business dollars while achieving maximum productivity.


Hire RPA developers from Resourcifi to create RPA systems for your business. Our developers have knowledge of automation tools like UiPath, BluePrism, & Automation Anywhere!

Same Time Zone

We understand that two-way communication is necessary to function efficiently. To ensure this, your RPA development team from Resourcifi functions during your working hours & in your time zone.


You can easily scale up or down your RPA development team as per your requirements. We always have more RPA developers to help you with your scaling automation requirements!

How to Hire RPA Developers from Resourcifi?

Our RPA developers are highly skilled and can help you with the process design & development, test automation workflows, implement RPA components, and more! And yet, we have divided the hiring process in 5 simple steps to make sure that you hire RPA developer who meets your development needs.

Requirement Gathering
and analysis

We develop a thorough understanding of your needs which helps us to find the best fit of RPA developer for you.


We share resume & work portfolio of the RPA developer to ensure that you find the right fit for your RPA development needs.


After reviewing the shared resumes, you may conduct interviews through video calls to hire RPA developer that fits your requirements.


We follow an AGILE approach to ensure that the RPA development delivered by our developers is flawless.


Once you find the right fit of RPA developer for your development needs, we will share an NDA for review.

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RPA Solutions

Robotic Desktop Automation

Automate the problem of dealing with swivel tasks like file transfers & report generation on a day-to-day basis by using Robotic Process Automation.

Excel Automation

Excel Automation tasks, like automating macros & integrating MS Excel with other enterprise processes, can swiftly be carried out by our RPA developer.

Intelligent Doc Recognition

Our RPA developer can help you implement IDR in your business for sorting documents like invoices and tax forms using optical recognition techniques.

Screen Scraping

Screen Scraping helps you capture every bitmap of data on your screen to check its relevance against stored data & use it as per your needs.

Web Harvesting

Web Harvesting or Web Scraping can be carried out by a bot and can easily be implemented by an RPA Developer at Resourcifi.

Reporting & Analytics

Streamline your processes like preparing reports & analyzing data, using RPA. Hire an RPA developer to run your business more efficiently than ever!

Case Study


Suppliant had a manual process of creating pricing studies which required tonnes of data handling using Excel. Their analysis team compared the current pricing system with the pricing advantage they offered. Thus, they needed a team of RPA consultant & RPA developers to automate the entire process.

Our Approach

Our RPA developers helped Suppliant with the complete design and deployment of RPA UiPath automating multiple data completion & preparation tasks. This process was tested for all possible types of pricing studies by the client.


“RPA developers from Resourcifi understood the automation requirements right away and suggested multiple methods to handle this complexity. The time required to complete a pricing study for our clients is now reduced by more than 55%. All thanks to my remote RPA development team at Resourcifi!” - Business Development Manager


Human Resources

Hire a proficient RPA developer from Resourcifi to get the best RPA solutions for your business. Use RPA techniques to manage accounts, analyze the market flow and keep a check on consumer behavior.


Hire a proficient RPA developer from Resourcifi to get the best RPA solutions for your business. Use RPA techniques to manage accounts, analyze the market flow and keep a check on consumer behavior.


Rent an RPA developer from Resourcifi to enhance the operational efficiency of your organization. Render an improved customer service, faster transactions and enhanced security using RPA development.

Clients Speak

Rated 4.8/5.0 for development services by 321 clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Every RPA developer at Resourcifi is highly skilled and has relevant technical knowledge with years of industry expertise in automation. Some of the RPA solutions that our competent RPA developers can offer, but not limited to, are IDR, Screen Scraping, Web Scraping, Excel Automation, Image Processing Automation, and more!
An RPA developer at Resourcifi has all the required skills that are needed to implement automation in your business processes. Right from technical knowledge of the latest automation tools such as UiPath, Automation Anywhere & BluePrism to understanding of AI & Machine Learning and experience in Software Development and more, our robotic process automation developers have the soft & hard skills needed and can cater to all automation needs of your business!
It’s quite simple. To hire RPA developers, fill this form and we will reach out to you in no time! We will discuss your requirements and find the right fit of RPA developer from our talent pool for your needs.
Developers at Resourcifi have worked with various businesses from different industries. Some of the industries our RPA developers, but not limited to, are: Supply Chain, E-Learning & Education, Retail, Gaming, Real Estate, and more!
We have flexible engagement models for hiring our developers to help businesses save money while achieving maximum productivity and excellent work quality.
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