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Mobile Application Development

Mobile app development services has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, and our expertise in this field sets us apart. With a deep understanding of the mobile landscape, we bring innovative and user-centric mobile app development solutions to life.

As we provide best mobile app development services, we are committed to delivering exceptional experiences through seamless and intuitive applications. Whether it's iOS or Android, we harness the latest technologies and industry best practices to create cutting-edge mobile apps that drive success for our clients.

You can hire mobile app developers in India from us and Trust us to transform your vision into a captivating mobile app that engages and delights users, taking your business to new heights in the mobile era.

We bring to you 12+ years of expertise in mobile app development services that you can TRUST!

As an award winning mobile application development company, we excel in mobile app development services and we always try to provide the BEST & REAL solutions to our clients.

We not only build the product for you but also help you prepare for the App launch and help you with the app store approval process.

Our Work

Planning to develop an all-in-one inclusive eLearning app? You’re just in the right place.

By expanding your eLearning content to a broader range of audiences, increase the use case as distance learning software.

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Our Journey So far


Launched our first iOS App


Our Journey So far


Launched our Android App


Our Journey So far


iPad App


Our Journey So far


Recognized as TOP App Development Company by Clutch


Our Journey So far


3 featured apps in the AppStore


Our Journey So far


Build our first FSTV app


Our Journey So far


We continue to build Award Winning Apps for our clients

  • 2011
  • 2013
  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • 2019
  • 2022


Our mobile app development services includes building native (iOS & Android) apps as well as Hybrid mobile apps in diversified categories:

iOS App Development

As a leading provider of mobile app development services, we love creating iOS apps that are loved by your users.

  • 24+ iOS Apps
  • App store submission
  • Apps with millions of downloads
  • App launch & maintenance
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iOS App Development iOS App Development

Android App Development

Since we provide the best mobile app development services, our clients trusted us with their custom Android App development, you must try us too!

  • 18+ Android Apps
  • Play store submission
  • Apps that are quality tested
  • Post launch maintenance
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Android App DevelopmentAndroid App Development Android App Development

Enterprise App Development

When off-the-rack enterprise apps don’t make a cut, we build bespoke apps with our mobile app development services.

  • CRM
  • CMS
  • ERP
  • POS
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Enterprise App Development Enterprise App Development

Gaming App Development

Our mobile app development services include transforming your ideas into interactive games with high-end graphics and gameplay.

  • Casino mobile games
  • Betting mobile games
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Gaming App Development

Wearable App Development

We are at the cutting edge of wearable innovation applications and our cross-platform mobile app development services are ready to transform your vision into reality.

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Wearable App Wearable App

OTT App Development

As an award winning mobile app development company, and the best at providing mobile app development services, we understand the importance of technology and its impact on the rise of online streaming. We build OTT apps custom tailored to your requirements.

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Work with the BEST!


App Development Experts


User Experience First


Rapid & Time Bound Development


Guaranteed Quality Assurance

Our Mobile App Development Services

App Prototyping
& Design

App Prototyping App Prototyping
& Design

In the realm of mobile app development services, prototyping and design are essential for creating exceptional user experiences. You can hire mobile app developers in India from us who combine creativity and user-centered design principles to deliver prototypes that align with your vision.

App Development

App Development App Development

Being recognized as the best in mobile app development services, our apps get millions of downloads on the App Store as well as Play Store. We hold strong roots in - iOS, Android, and React Native development.

App Testing

App Testing App Testing

It goes without saying - mobile app development services without app testing is like food without salt. We not only build a bug free app for you but also help you with the app store approval process.

App Maintenance

App Maintenance App Maintenance

As a part of our mobile app development services, we do help our clients in maintaining their app and help them keep enhancing the performance as tech is ever evolving.

​​Our Mobile Application Development Process

Requirement Analysis

We understand your requirements of mobile app development services in depth to be able to best consult you with the most optimum solution.


Design & Development

As a part of mobile app development services, we will create wireframes, cover them into designs and then move to the development process which will be broken into different phases.


Support & Maintenance

As a part of mobile app development services, we continue to work with you post app delivery for at least a month to ensure that you don’t face any issues.


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Resourcifi was quick to respond and held themselves accountable.

Senior VP

Senior VP

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Their willingness to accommodate clients is definitely one of their biggest strengths.

Senior Product Manager

Senior Product Manager
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In the end, the greatest value seemed to come from Resourcifi.

Doug Campbell, IT Director

Doug Campbell, IT Director
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The leadership at Resourcifi understands your needs and then supports them throughout the project.

Environmental Health & Safety

Environmental Health & Safety
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Frequently Asked Questions

Resourcifi is an excellent choice if you want to avail mobile app development services due to several key reasons. As a provider of mobile app development services in India, we offer a range of advantages that set us apart from the competition.
  1. Extensive Expertise: As a provider of mobile app development services, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience across various information technologies and industry domains. This ensures that we can handle diverse project requirements and deliver tailored mobile app development solutions.
  2. Proven Track Record: With 18 years of experience in mobile app development services, we have a solid track record of successfully delivering projects worldwide. Our expertise, combined with our established methodologies, ensures high-quality results and client satisfaction.
  3. Domain Knowledge: As a provider of mobile app development services, we possess in-depth business domain knowledge, allowing us to understand your industry-specific requirements better. This enables us to develop solutions that align with your unique needs and deliver tangible business value.
  4. Technology Expertise: Our skilled software professionals are well-versed in all the mobile app development services. We stay updated with the latest trends and best practices, enabling us to leverage the most suitable technologies for your app development project.
  5. Cost-Effective Solutions: We understand the importance of cost-effectiveness, and our mobile app development services are designed to provide excellent value for your investment. Our competitive pricing, combined with our commitment to delivering high-quality results, makes us an ideal choice for cost-conscious clients.
  6. Professional Approach: We take a proactive and professional approach to mobile application development, ensuring timely project delivery and effective communication throughout the process. Our team is dedicated to understanding your vision and collaborating closely with you to achieve your goals.
Overall, Resourcifi stands out as one of the top web app development companies in India due to our best mobile app development services, four comprehensive expertise, proven track record, cost-effectiveness, and professional approach. By partnering with us, you can expect reliable and high-quality app development services tailored to your specific requirements.

The time required for mobile application development can vary based on several factors, including the complexity of the app, its features and functionalities, the platforms it targets (iOS, Android, both), the design requirements, and the team's expertise. On average, a simple mobile application development with basic features may take a few weeks to a couple of months to develop, while a more complex mobile application development with advanced features and integrations can take several months or even longer. We at Resourcifi provides all these mobile app development services.

Typically, mobile app development services costs are determined based on the number of hours required to complete the project. The hourly rates of developers can vary depending on their location and expertise. Complex mobile app development services with advanced features can require a significant investment, while simpler apps with basic functionalities tend to have lower costs.

Resourcifi has been developing apps since November 2009 and provided mobile app development services to over 80+ clients globally.

Being an award winning app development company and being the best in mobile app development services, we ensure that we choose the right technology stack based on your requirements. Some of the frameworks that we use include: Native, React Native, Flutter, Ionic, Unity, Corona SDK.

Before partnering with a company for mobile app development services, it is important to consider several factors to ensure a successful collaboration. Here are some key points to look for: Expertise and Experience - Technical Proficieny - Client References and Reviews - Design and User Experience - Communication and Collaboration - Cost and Timeline - Support and Maintenance - Intellectual Property Rights By thoroughly evaluating these factors, you can choose a trusted and capable partner for your mobile app development project.

As a part of mobile app development services, we ensure the security of your mobile application development idea through our non-disclosure agreements. Also, we make sure that our Clients IP & data is secure by implementing US standard security protocols.