Who We Are?

We are a Remote Staff Augmentation Service Provider based out of Santa Monica, California, with an outstanding repute for class, bespoke services across all industries. We are a bunch of proficient developers, innovative graphic designers, trained QA specialists, prolific digital marketers, skillful CAD professionals and impeccable data entry operators who offer a bespoke, professional and reliable remote services to our clients.


To empower businesses to do more for less

The Resourcifi Story

Euripides once said, “Nothing has more strength than dire necessity.”
This quote epitomizes Resourcifi’s story to quite an extent.

The Inception

Resourcifi’s journey starts from the challenges that its parent company RNF Technologies, a custom mobile app and web application development company, was confronting. RNF was in dire necessity of professionals who could work in collaboration with their in-house team for a limited time-period to meet the project deadlines while maintaining the quality of work. However, finding quality professionals for a limited time was a big challenge. Apart from augmenting the staff in a cost-effective manner, the requirements of the clients who wanted RNF to handle specific tasks was the inception point of Resourcifi.

The Journey to Boundlessness & Beyond...

Hiring software developers from sites like Upwork and Freelancer was not a viable option as there were unavoidable reliability and quality concerns. To thrive in the global market, we emphasized on re-working on our recruitment process and came up with remote engagement models that were robust and efficient. We quickly realized, the processes we created would immensely help other organizations who were looking for flexible and reliable IT teams for a limited time. And so, this is how Resourcifi was born.

Our Standards: Business Values

Our fundamental professional standards are the cornerstones that support us to unceasingly redefine what's conceivable through thought-provoking concepts and realistic endeavors.

Trust & Accountability

In business, trust and accountability go hand-in-hand. We realize the value of building a bond of trust with our clients and comprehend the responsibility of being liable for offering premium quality services on time.


Teamwork is an important factor for project success. We realize that when working in a team, everyone is working towards a common goal or set of objectives. The whole process of your work becomes more efficient and productive with the spirit of teamwork.

Incessant Growth

At Resourcifi, we believe in growing together by learning new things with each passing day. We try to find learning in each step that we take.


Quality is a critical parameter which distinguishes us from our competitors. We focus on constant evaluation and improvement of our processes in the light of their efficacy, usefulness, and flexibility to grow ahead. 

Transparency in communication

We encourage clear and transparent communication between the clients and the professionals. Transparency in the communication facilitates an open culture in the organization. This further develops a sense of trust on each other as well.


We believe in being honest and clear in whatever work we do. We follow the policy of utmost transparency with our clients, without any delusions, which helps in easy-running of our business without any doubtful issues.

Our Team

Raghib Khan
Director & Co-Founder
Faisal Abidi
Director & Co-Founder
Imran Ali
Vice President
Nitish Sood
Associate Vice President
Suyash Minocha
Assistant Account Manager
Vidushi Misra
Assistant Account Manager
Vivek Raina
Assistant Account Manager
Pooja Gupta
Assistant Account Manager
Abhinav Goswami
Assistant Account Manager
Piyush Bandhu
Assistant Account Manager
Arun Pratap Singh
Sr. IT Administrator
Imran khan
PHP Lead
Rahil khan
Android Lead
Tanmay Verma
React Lead

“Success is due to our stretching to the challenges of life.” John C. Maxwell