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What is Resourcifi?

Resourcifi is a Staff Augmentation company that provides Remote Contract Employees. We have an extensive talent pool of Developers, Designers, Digital Marketing Experts that you can hire to work dedicatedly for you.
Resourcifi has been around for nearly 10 years now and has accomplished over 500 projects across 10 countries. We have established ourselves as one of India’s top outsourcing companies.
Yes, at Resourcifi, we have done some amazing work that we’re really proud of, you can look at it Here


We offer to work on both models viz Dedicated Resource and Time & Material. You should opt for a dedicated resource model if you want total control of the development processes. The time & material model should be opted for when you are uncertain how long your need for the resource will last.
If you hire a dedicated resource from Resourcifi, our services include:
  • Helping you choose/hire your own dedicated resource.
  • Handling all the non project related issues, such as payroll, taxes, legal formalities etc.
  • Making sure that the resource has the accurate Software and Hardware to work with that is required for the project.
Yes, you can hire a team of mixed skills based on your project requirements.
Yes, based on your requirements you can either interview the resources that we currently have or we can have our HR find a resource specifically for you. We will share the Resume and you can conduct an interview. Based on that you can.

Skills/ Domains

Our dedicated resources can work with any technologies that you may require. We hire resources based on your requirements so you don’t have to worry about whether your resource will work on the technology that you need.
Yes, at Resourcifi we have digital marketing experts who have previously worked with Google. We have professionals of Social Media Marketing as well. You can view our marketing services Here.
Yes, we ensure that our resources are well versed with the English language, in addition to the resource that you hire, you will also get a Project Manager who will ensure that there is no gap in communication.
At Resourcifi, we have internal monitoring systems such as JIRA, for monitoring the Resources work. Apart from this, our employees also maintain work logs on a regular basis which help track their daily output.
As mentioned previously, the resource that is working on your project will maintain daily worklogs which will detail what they have worked on and how much time it took. These worklogs will be shared with you for your review as well so that you can keep a track of how your resource is spending time.

Working with Resourcifi

You get to choose/hire the resource that you want. If you wish to conduct an interview with the candidates before finalizing one, we will share their Resume with you and you can conduct the interview, however, if you do not want to conduct the interview, we align a resource with your project based on the specialization and experience needed.
Yes, we offer a week long, no obligation, free trial for you to get a sense of how we work. We are confident about our resources and you can decide after the free trial whether you would like your dedicated resource to work on your project.
The process of hiring a Resource is very simple. If you were to hire a Developer for example, here are the steps that would take place:
  • One of our consultants get in touch with you and find out what exactly you are looking for.
  • We analyze your requirements and based on the technology that you want to work with, create a Scope of work.
  • We share the Scope with you and discuss if there are any modifications/changes required.
  • After the Scope is finalized, we share the Resource’s details/Resume with you.
  • Once the Resource working on the project is finalized, we share the Contract and SOW with you.
Yes, you can hire multiple resources across our areas of specialization at the same time.
The resource starts working on your project from the date of start mentioned on the Contract. It can either be immediate (as soon as you sign the contract), or a future date specified by you.
It takes us one to three weeks to locate, fully screen, and work with every expert before we feel confident enough to admit them to our network and introduce them to a client. We understand your need for expediency, but we also understand the even greater need for quality.
When you hire a dedicated Resource from Resourcifi, you pay for the hours of that resource and thus we make sure that you get the number of hours that you have paid for. If the Resource that you have hired is on a leave or cannot work for some reason, they will compensate by working for additional hours in the coming days.
At Resourcifi, we ensure that our clients are not just satisfied but happy with the work that they receive, if for some reason you are not satisfied with your Resource, we will not only align a new resource to the project, but also ensure that whatever the reason for your dissatisfaction was, it is not repeated.
Resourcifi has a registered office in Noida, India. It is out of this office that most of our resources wok. Working from India not only helps us get skilled and experienced resources, but also helps us in lowering the costs, a major advantage that we pass on to you.
Yes, if there is any particular project specific training that you have to impart to your Resource, you are free to do so.
Yes, if you or your organization use a specific performance tracking tool, you can use the same for your resource.
Before we hire a resource, we conduct multiple rounds of interviews both Technical and Non Technical. The candidate also has to go through and clear a test that is specially designed for the different profiles that we hire for.
Yes, before hiring a resource with us, you can request to see some of their sample work.
Yes, the resource that you hire can work according to your timezone.
Yes, if there are certain websites that you want blocked from your Resource’s system, you can request for the same and we will have them blocked.
You can communicate with your Resource either through emails or calls. You could also use other communication tools such as Slack, Skype etc for communication.
Although we can scale to multiple employees quickly, it essentially depends on what technology/skills you are looking for. It may take anywhere between 1-3 weeks.


To terminate your contract with Resourcifi, you have to give a notice 15 days prior to your renewal date.
No, there is no additional charge that you need to pay for the termination of the contract.

Cost, Billing and Payment?

Our pricing depends upon the service and expertise of the resource as well as the length of the engagement. However, to give a ballpark figure, if you hire a resource for part time (4 hours/day for 20 days in a month), it will cost you anywhere between $1500-$2000 depending upon the service you require.
Yes, our services work on a prepaid model, wherein you pay for one month of work in advance.
No, there are no extra charges, you only pay for the resources that you hire.
The billing happens every 30 days, so you make the first payment on the date of start or commencement of the contract and the next payment has to be made after 30 days.
Currently we accept payments through ACH, Wire Transfer, PayPal and Credit Cards.

Data Security

We pay utmost priority to our Client’s data. Thus we ensure data security by implementing U.S. standard security protocols.
Yes, Resourcifi does not keep the ownership or rights of the code, you will get full ownership of your Source Code.
We understand that our client’s data is highly sensitive and we go the extra mile to ensure complete protection and security of your information. We sign an NDA at the beginning of the project.
Resourcifi does keep a backup of the website for 30 days, just in case the client wants certain modifications/changes to it. If you want us to keep a backup of your data for longer, you can request for the same.

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