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Flexible Engagement Models

As a leading AI development company, we offer flexible engagement models to our clients. This allows businesses to save money while growing ahead of their competitors using top-quality AI Solutions.

Part Time

04 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month

Full Time

08 Hours/Day
20 Days/Month


The Hourly Model - Because we care! Hire AI developer from Resourcifi and pay just for the hours invested in your project.
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Why Set Up Your AI development team with Resourcifi?

Money Saved

With no rental costs, zero payroll costs and no administrative/equipment costs, save your business dollars while leveraging top-quality AI development to grow your business!


Every AI developer at Resourcifi is highly skilled and can help you implement complex AI solutions like deep learning to make your business more efficient than ever!

Same Time Zone

We understand the need for two-way communication and team huddles to ensure smooth AI development. Your AI development team at Resourcifi works during your business hours.

Scalable Team

Your AI development team at Resourcifi is scalable. You can scale up or scale down your team, without any obligations, according to your AI development needs!

How to Hire an AI developer at Resourcifi?

AI developers at Resourcifi are highly skilled. We have thoroughly vetted to create a talent pool of the top 3% in the AI development market for you. Having said that, we have divided the entire hiring process into 5 simple steps to help you hire AI developer from Resourcifi who suits your business needs.


We develop a complete understanding of your project needs. This helps us in finding the best fit of AI developer from our talent pool.


Post analysis, we share the work portfolio of the right AI developer to make sure that you find the perfect fit for your AI development needs.


After shortlisting the shared portfolios, you can interview an AI developer you like via video or voice calls to make a final assessment.


Every AI developer at Resourcifi follows SCRUM development methodology to make sure that the final code delivered to you is bug-free and functions smoothly!


Once you hire AI developer, we share an NDA for review. After the contract is finalized, you can move to the AI development stage!

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AI Solutions

Natural Language Processing

To leverage NLP, hire AI developer to derive semantic patterns of your consumers to understand their emotions on web apps, chatbots & social media.

Data Lake Implementation

Use AI development to store structured & unstructured data at any scale and use it for big data processing and more to make data-driven business decisions.

Smart Business Intelligence

AI implementation by our developers produce predictive analytics that empowers you with actionable insights for fool-proof business intelligence.

Recommendation Engines

Improve your user experience through recommendation engines to identify behavior like buying patterns using quality AI development by our developers in your business.

Object Identification

An AI developer at Resourcifi can help you implement complex algorithms for segregation & identification of objects to serve your consumers in a better way.

Automation using AI

Our AI developers can help you automate processes, and not just swivel ones, to cut down operational costs and boost business efficiency.

AI Case Study


MarketCrowd is a Market Research company. It deals with tonnes of data on a regular basis, gathered from many different sources, and was looking for an AI development team to help them streamline the entire process - gather, process, and visualize collected data.

Our Approach

Our AI developers knew that data lake implementation is the best solution to increase the efficiency of this entire process. The AI development team at Resourcifi suggested to create data lakes and use them as a BI solution to boost speed and reduce costs of the entire process.


“The entire process of gathering and using unstructured data has become a piece of cake for us. Besides, predictive analytics has helped us in future business challenges. Can’t be thankful enough to my team of AI developers from Resourcifi!” - Head of Operations



Predictive Big Data analytics using AI development can be used to understand patients and formulate effective treatment plans in a better way.


AI implementation in the FinTech industry serves both providers and consumers through solutions like data lake implementation and trading bot-advisors.


Predictive Big Data analytics using AI development can be used to understand patients and formulate effective treatment plans in a better way.

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Frequently Asked Questions

An AI developer at Resourcifi is highly skilled and has technical knowledge with multiple years of industry experience. Some of the artificial intelligence solutions that our competent AI developers offer are deep learning, lake data implementation, recommendation engines, and more!
Every AI developer at Resourcifi has the required skill set that is needed for the development and implementation of top-quality AI solutions in your business processes. Right from technical knowledge of Java, Python, Prolog, and more to the deployment of ML and more, our artificial intelligence developers have the soft & hard skills needed and can fit all artificial intelligence development needs of your business!
To hire AI developers, you can fill this form and we will reach out to you as soon as possible! We will understand your requirements and find the best fit of AI developer from our talent pool.
Developers at Resourcifi have worked with various businesses from different industries. Some of the industries our AI software developers cater to are - E-commerce, Healthcare, FinTech, Gaming, and more!
We have different engagement models for hiring our AI software developers to help businesses dollars while ensuring top quality AI development.
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