10 Ruby Frameworks that are must for Developers

Ruby is an open source programming language which is known for its dynamic, object-oriented and reflective model used for web application development. Ruby first came into the picture in the year 1995, since then thousands of applications were built on this language including some top brands of Twitter, Airbnb, GitHub, Slideshare, Basecamp and Twitch. The reason behind the commendation of Ruby is its simple yet rich syntax that enables Ruby developers to generate more with less need to write code. Currently, Ruby ranks on the 12th position on TIOBE index as the most popular programming language in the world. Another intriguing aspect of Ruby is that it is free of cost, thus can easily be chosen by startups and small-budget companies.

But only Ruby cannot develop complex web applications without leveraging web frameworks. The accessibility of various frameworks allows Ruby developers to write peculiar apps according to business needs. As there are many Ruby frameworks in the web environment, it becomes difficult for the developer to pick the efficient one. So here is the list of top 10 Ruby frameworks that helps developers to boost custom web application development:

Ruby on Rails

It is undeniably true that Ruby on Rails is the best framework of Ruby general scripting language. It is a full-stack framework that facilitates server-side as well as client-side web development. RoR provides a basic structure to frame web pages, databases and web services with model-view-controller (MVC) architecture pattern. Further, it allows ROR developers to develop interactive user interfaces by merging HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and XML. Ruby on Rails developers has the power to add functionality to a web application without writing extra coding just by using a robust Command-line tool called RubyGems.


Based on Sinatra, Padrino was designed to upgrade application development. Although Padrino is a lightweight framework, it comes with substantial features that make advanced app development much easier. One such feature is the drop-in admin which comprises template, ORM, scaffold, and authentication. Even it lets a Ruby developer produce CRUD pages for his model and conduct testing. Despite having so many affluent characteristics, Padrino cannot subjugate Ruby on Rails.


Sinatra is a domain specific language (DSL) written in Ruby. It is the most suitable framework for creating small applications in no time. Though Sinatra does not follow the model-view-controller (MVC) pattern like Ruby on Rails, it is a convenient solution to write a unique range of application in Ruby. Sinatra is like a lighter version of Ruby as it was built on Rack, that’s why learning Sinatra before Rails is essential for RoR developers because it reduces the learning curve of Rails.


Previously called as Lotus, Hanami in an object-oriented Ruby framework. This framework foster most of the features of Ruby on Rails such as routing, models, views, validations, controllers, migrations, assets and mailers. Hanami consumes about 60% less memory as compared to other Ruby frameworks. It provides secure solutions by clearing database API to avoid SQL injection, protection against CSRF and strict content security policy. Hanami offers ready-to-use libraries that are useful to create lightweight applications.


Cuba is a microframework for web development originally inspired by Rum. In spite of its tiny size, it is a very powerful mapper for Rack applications. Many Ruby developers use this framework for building custom web applications with high-performance since it renders clear coding. Cuba gives the option to integrate various templates and testing libraries. It can be used to develop landing pages and e-commerce sites with real-time development.


Influenced by Padrino and Sinatra, a DRY, unopinionated and light-weight Ruby framework was born namely Scorched. It simplifies web application development by optimizing HTTP requests quickly by a set of vigorous constructs. These constructs are used to build a website and application of any scale. Scorched is a better version of Sinatra without clutter. It was designed thoughtfully to design websites extremely appealing to the users.


A recently launched framework for Ruby developers is Grape. It is the newest addition to the microframework family that allows the developers to run a rack or complement existing application frameworks of Rails and Sinatra by forming simple DSL to generate RESTful API’S. Grape aims to serve a user-friendly way to create API. This framework has built-in support for common conventions, including subdomain/prefix restriction, multiple formats, versioning, content negotiation and ample of others. Another valuable feature of Grape is that it is open-sourced thus accessible to everybody.


The testing of an application is equally important to its development. As it takes months to build an app, it is essential to ensure that the app is error-free and this is what NYNY do. It is a micro web framework utilized by developers for testing the apps on the browsers. NYNY is more minimalist than Sinatra but despite being limited it is 25% faster and has a more potent router. It has all the core stuff which a developer needs to run applications. So NYNY can be considered as a compact power-packed framework.


It is the non-blocking version of the Ruby web framework. Goliath rationalizes the complexity of web app development by providing middleware support and Rack API. This framework was designed to meet the objectives of simple configurations, asynchronous processing, bare metal performance testing, creating readable & maintainable codes. A major benefit of using Goliath is that it leverages Ruby fibers to untangle the intricate callback-based code into a familiar format.


Trailblazer is a useful framework that renders abstraction layers for all the aspects of Ruby on Rails. Mainly, it focuses on structuring and re-organizing codes into smaller components for different concerns. By utilizing this framework the Ruby developers get an easy way to maintain their code simply by extending the traditional MVC pattern. The best part of Trailblazer is that it offers mature solutions and does not impose technical implementations. You can solve any level of difficulty with a clean layered architecture.

Though there is a wide range of frameworks to choose from, these were the most-effective Ruby frameworks which you can adopt for developing multiple applications and websites. Most of these frameworks help to perform full-stack development while others are responsible for building small scale apps. If you need a developer who is competent in operating these frameworks then, Resourcifi is there at your rescue. Hire Ruby developers from us as we have a proficient team of Ruby experts who have a sound knowledge and can smoothly function on these frameworks Ruby on Rails, Padrino and Cuba. Contact us today and get customized RoR solutions.