Important Tips on How to Hire Skilled Developers?

Recruitment is a tedious task as it requires you to gather all your experience and skills in evaluating the candidates carefully. If the decision goes wrong, a flurry of repercussions might follow, increase in costs and unnecessary burden to name a few. On the other hand, a right decision can give long term benefits to your business. Therefore, employing Software Development professionals who are competent in this field and have relevant subject knowledge is a prerequisite. There are other factors as well that should be taken into account, like, the experience level of the resource, educational background, work ethics, adaptability to new environments, amongst others. Before taking the final decision of roping in a software developer, it’s crucial that you keep in mind a few things, which might help you in making a wiser choice.


Quick hacks to help firms make a thoughtful hiring decision.


During the interview –


Structured and organized interview process – Preparing questions to ask beforehand and deciding on the order in which to ask them will keep confusions at bay. It’s recommended to discuss substantial business cases with candidates to gauge them on their knowledge of the market. During the interview, it’s crucial you do not get stressed and maintain balance in order to make the resource feel at peace while giving answers.


Encourage interviewees to come up with questions – An interview is not a one-way lane. In fact, it is successful when both the parties are equally involved and curious to know about each other. Many times, the candidates might be extremely confident and will ask questions without you prompting them, but there will be days when you will have to deal with the reticent ones, who require some encouragement to speak their minds. You can use this as an opportunity to develop healthy relations with the candidates.


First impressions are not always the last impressions – Of course, first impressions are important as they help create perceptions about a person, but relying completely on them, is not a good idea. This won’t help you get the real picture of the candidate. Techniques like IQ tests, sample tests, structured interviews to test their behavior and ability to handle certain situations, are some better ways to get valuable insights. You can try any one of these methods to see the effectiveness.


Show candidates some real reasons to work for your company – With the competition levels soaring high, finding the right resource is a hectic task, and once your search ends, you should make sure that the selected candidate joins the team. Give them all the reasons of why they should work with your firm and what benefits they will get if they perform well. Show its worth to them not by giving misleading facts but by presenting a true picture and letting them know that they have a bright future in your company.


Assignments – Keep the tests short such that developers can complete them in three to four hours. Analyzing candidates on their skills is paramount before hiring them, and taking these tests, ensure that you are hiring the right resource, but looking at long and time-consuming assignments might make them lose interest.


Post the Test Assignment and the Interview –


Give feedback on the test –  It should take a maximum of two to three days to give feedback to the candidates. Provide them with a detailed review of how they fared in the interview, stating the results clearly, even if they are not selected for the position. By highlighting the correct answers and those that you did not like, will make it easier for the unsuccessful candidates to accept rejection. Also giving them some helpful tips will build a positive rapport of your brand.


Final decision – After you have given the feedback to all the candidates, you will have to take the final decision of who all are selected. This should be done a bit faster as there is no dearth of job opportunities. Even a little delay in taking the decision might lose you a good resource. Hence, it’s advised to bring the selected developers on board as soon as possible, if they fit the bill and suit your requirements.


IT Staffing Company – If you have teamed up with an IT Staffing firm to meet your recruitment needs, it’s important that you provide them with every bit of information about the skills you require and the projects for which you need the developers. Your hiring partner should know all the details as this will help them find suitable resources that match your needs. It’s recommended to work with a single recruiting firm to ward off complexities. By lending your hiring process to one staffing company will make it easier for you as you will not have to work with multiple agencies at a time.    


Hiring developers remotely – If you have hired developers who will work for you remotely, it’s better to have a face-to-face interaction with them initially in order to build a sense of trust in them. During their work tenure, you will be communicating with them online, through messaging apps and video calls, but when you start your work relationship with them, nothing can be better than investing in some face time in the beginning so as to make the ride smoother for both the parties. For this, you can invite the selected developers to your office and kickstart your journey with them on a positive note.


These are a few tips that you can consider adopting if you wish to sail through the recruitment process meticulously, without facing any troubles. The hacks cannot guarantee success, but yes, if taken into account and implemented judiciously, they will definitely bring a change in your way of hiring, giving you better and long-lasting results.