4 Ways to Run a Small Business Successfully in 2020!

When the global economy is at its lowest, how to launch and run a successful small business or startup in 2020? The upper management often gets occupied with other things on their plate that they forget fixing the core of their business and start focusing on the client. This is one of the most common reasons why the success rate of businesses is really low. In this infographic about tips for startups, I have talked about making your business operations more capable & efficient.

How to Run a Successful Small Business?

Here are a few tips for startups that include points related to customer loyalty, use of technology, importance of employees, and mistakes to avoid when marketing a startup or small business.

Startup – Small Business Tips: Use of Technology in Business

The use of technology in business, even at its basic state, can be profitable for your small business or startup. Start with implementing technology in the areas of your business operations where it has already established its authority like using automation for repetitive tasks.

Startup – Small Business Tips: Importance of Employees

The employees of your startup or small business stand at the core of its services or products. Having said that, it becomes important to find the most meaningful way of leveraging highly skilled employees for your business. Instead of investing your time, money, and other resources in highly skilled employees, you can save money by hiring industry specialists through the staff augmentation model!

Startup – Small Business Tips: How to Market Your Company?

Start by allocating a marketing budget – a small amount (2-5%) of your revenue. Don’t invest all of this budget in just one area. Divide it mindfully among paid as well as organic marketing. Do a complete analysis of your direct competitors and adopt the marketing techniques they use for their businesses.

Startup – Small Business Tips: Earn & Build Customer Loyalty

The average attention span of your clients and customers is decreasing each day. Make your startup or small business as the go-to option for your prospects or consumers whenever they are looking for your services. Add a personal touch to personalize a product or a service for your consumers. Establish a transparent feedback channel for your consumers and address all of the complaints that come through.

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