Managed Remote Resources more PRODUCTIVE than In-House Teams – Read How?

The fact that you are able to start your day, in the same shorts you slept-in last night, without having to take a shower may sound a little sceptical to most employers. However, in the 21st century, there are a number of businesses and employers looking to hire managed remote resources, mainly because of accountability and higher productivity. Think about it? If you are running a corporation, what are the things that you will look for in your employees? 

Today, upcoming startups and future leaders prefer working with managed remote employees, mainly because the company facilitating the resources takes complete responsibility for delivering the work on time.

Over the years, there has been a notion, according to which, managed remote resources are less productive. However, according to a survey, 86% of managed remote resources are more productive as compared to the in-house teams.

One of the primary benefits of opting for managed services as compared to in-house teams is that you, as a startup or an entrepreneur, can depend on the experienced team to tackle challenges more quickly and smoothly. Hiring RPA developer or ReactJS developers is profitable because, very often, there are times when you would require a specific skill set to overcome a hurdle.

According to US News and World reports, managed remote employees effectively put in 6-7 more work hours per week. Further, statistics by Global Workplace Analytics suggest that employees working with managed service providers have a tendency of returning to work sooner post health and personal issues. The very same report also mentions that managers working in large enterprises have stated: “managed remote resources are more productive when compared to their counterparts working within the organization.”

Managed remote resources do not face any problems in communication with other team members. We live in the 21st century where applications like WhatsApp and Skype have become the basic modes of communication. These applications have successfully bridged the gap, making communication as easy as having a cup of coffee. Moreover, hiring managed remote resources is also a plus because they work as per your business hours, making the workflow smooth and efficient.

According to Airtasker, managed employees who work remotely, work 1.4 days extra in a month.

Accountability & Dependability

Working with managed remote employees is always a smarter thing to do because if for any reason, a remote employee is unable to continue working on a project and has to quit mid-way, the outsourcing partner here takes complete responsibility of equipping you with another professional with the same set of skills, making sure that the work is delivered within deadlines.


Managed remote resources are more productive as they are bound to report to the higher authorities. The higher authorities or the company facilitating the resource makes sure that the managed remote employee follows the guidelines provided by the client. The entire process, starting from hiring a remote resource, to deliver the work to the client is absolutely streamlined. The staff augmenting partner makes sure that the work is done systematically and within given deadlines. Often, because of the system in which a remotely managed resource works, the level of productivity shoots.

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Staff augmentation companies providing remotely managed resources follow a strict NDA. These companies make sure that the remote worker that they provide to their clients are reliable and dedicated as these companies care about contacts, reputation, and association with their clients. This is mainly because they have to move ahead in the business, and being ethical is the ladder to success. Managed remote resources are dedicated to working on just one project at a time, giving complete and absolute focus to your business.

Higher Satisfaction

Some of the most appealing benefits that managed remote workers enjoy include more satisfaction, more freedom, and comparatively lower stress levels. Managed remote workers are consistently working to deliver as the company augmenting the resource is responsible and accountable for any delays or mishappenings. People who work remotely and are managed by a parent organization such as Resourcifi are said to achieve better productivity, helping businesses skyrocket.