Cost Estimate For Mobile Application Development

Getting reliable information on mobile app development cost breakdown is a relatively tricky shell to crack. With its evergreen popularity & need in the market, growing your mobile app could be easier depending on its usability. But to make sure you are not spending more than you should, you need a mobile app development cost breakdown that is straightforward and easy to comprehend.

To make it simple for you, I have created this swipe file – a mobile app development cost breakdown excel file. Download it and use it directly.

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The culmination is simple. If you are aiming for success, the average cost of mobile app development should concern you. A well-built app is bound to bring you revenue, user engagement, and a good ROI.

This is an excellent decade for breaking down your cost structure for app development because hiring skilled mobile app developers has become all the more easy and affordable. This is precisely why you must consider the average cost to build an app so that you do not compromise on your quality standards.

The question is where to start and how much to spend?

Here, we give you a general cost structure for app development to help you get a cost estimate of mobile application development, for you to gauge your app development budget, and get an estimate of how much does it cost to build an app for your business.

Cost Estimate For Mobile Application Development

The cost of developing your mobile app depends on a lot of factors. Let’s have a look at a few of them to be finally able to assess how expensive is it to create an app.

Choice of Functionalities in Mobile App Development

Primarily apps can be broken down into four major groups based on the amount of work involved in developing them. These choices of functionalities are essentially what determines the custom app development cost. Generally, gaming apps and enterprise apps tend to have more costs to get an app developed than simple and API apps.

This is because enterprise and gaming mobile applications include many features, increasing the complexities, cost to build an application, and the time required for building the apps. Here’s a quick estimate of what is the average cost of developing an app.

  • Simple Apps – $10,000 to $20,000
  • API Apps – $35,000 to $70,000
  • Enterprise Apps – $60,000- $1,00,000
  • Gaming Apps – $1,00,000- $2,50,000

The figures provided below are an elementary cost estimate for mobile application development. The final cost of mobile app development services may vary according to the features that your application requires.

They are always liable to change depending upon the scalability of the project. These are of course price ranges associated with getting an app built from a dev shop.

The cost estimate may vary if you opt to get your mobile app developed by a freelancer, or rather an offshore managed resource. However, make it a point to never compensate for the app quality.

  1. Email Login – $1000- $1500
  2. Social Login – $1500- $2500
  3. Use of Location Data – $5000- $8000
  4. Social media Integration – $1000- $2000
  5. In-App Purchases – $1000- $3000
  6. Payments – $1000- $3000
  7. User Profile – $2000- $3000
  8. Sync Across Devices – $1000- $3000

Cost estimate of building a mobile app


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Choice of Platform in Mobile App Development

There is no perfect platform that can be used for every project. However, we recommend React Native over other prospects.

We believe that native is the best we can bring to our customers, in terms of performance, in terms of security and all of that. Why?

Cross-Platform Compatibility 

Most of the React Native APIs are cross-platform. Because of this, each component works for Android as well as iOS. Today, it is no longer difficult to hire iOS developers or hire Android developers to get your mobile development started.

With react native, you can essentially develop a complete application without actually having to write platform-specific codes.

Shorter Development Cycles 

With react native, the entire cycle of development becomes short and sweet. Also, there is a huge community of developers who support react. The framework has plenty of components available for use.

Finding a react native developer is no longer a daunting task.

Cost estimate of building a mobile app


Hiring Costs in Mobile App Development

Finding an app developer isn’t that daunting these days, it’s finding just the right one for your business that can be tricky. The answer really lies with who you want to partner with.

Price is not the best indicator of quality. You have the following options for development work to figure out the cost breakdown for your mobile app development:

  1. Freelancing
  2. Technical Co-founder
  3. Dev Shops
  4. Offshore Mobile App Development

Operating System Choices in Mobile App Development

Developing an app of any kind is a very elaborate and daunting process. Major decisions like operating system choices have an impact on project cost and timelines.

You can choose to build your mobile app on one of the following platforms and accordingly figure out the cost estimate for mobile application development

  1. iOS
  2. Android
  3. Windows

Designing Costs in Mobile App Development

With over a million different apps in the market, the competition is fierce. What an app looks like is the first aspect people notice about it – even before they download it, and certainly before they test it out and see how it functions.

You can figure out how much it costs to make an app for your business by breaking down the designing costs that vary based on the designing types:

  1. Visual Design – $2000+
  2. Wireframes – $1500-$15,000
  3. UX Design – $2000-$15,000
  4. Games – $100,000-$250,000

Cost estimate of building a mobile app


Marketing Costs in Mobile App Development

Marketing is the most under-rated and commonly forgotten part of the project. It is, therefore, significant to set aside a budget for marketing to test various tactics, and finding the most lucrative and optimum marketing option.

Here are a few ways to market your app.

  1. Pre-launch Marketing
  2. Post-launch Marketing

To Sum Up the cost estimate for mobile application development, you need to prepare a detailed mobile app development cost breakdown in order to analyze your expectations and offer a reference point for both you and your investors.

Of course, you could have all the services provided to you at as low as $1000, but be cautious of the quality that comes with it.

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Think less about the cost but more about what approach will bring in the all-out ROI before pulling out your checkbook. For a detailed cost breakdown, you can check out our guide on How Much Does it Cost to Develop an App?