Why Use React Native For Your Business In 2021?

According to a survey done by Statistica, React Native is the most popular cross-platform mobile development framework. 42% of software & mobile app developers worldwide use this framework.

But why is this framework so popular among developers? And more so, why does this concern you & why should you choose React Native for your business mobile apps?

why use react native for business


Here are the top 5 things any business considers when choosing an ideal framework for its mobile application.

  • Cost of development
  • UI/UX
  • Time to market
  • Availability of talent/Popularity of framework
  • Ease of Maintenance & Upgrade – Flexibility & Third-party Integrations

React Native tops the chart when you consider all these factors. We will discuss all these in detail and more about why choose React Native for business mobile apps.

Here is a bit of flashback. Back when HTML5 was launched, companies actively started using it in their mobile apps especially after Facebook embraced it.

Zuckerberg, however, admitted later in an interview saying that – “The biggest mistake we made as a company was betting too much on HTML5 as opposed to Native”.

Besides Facebook, here are a few other examples of big companies using React Native for their mobile app.

  • Wix
  • Bloomberg
  • Instagram
  • Delivery.com
  • SoundCloud Pulse

There are a plethora of companies from different industries that use React Native for business mobile apps. Let’s look closely at why use React Native for business in 2020!

React Native Offers Cross-Platform Development

Let’s say that you need a mobile app for your business. If you use native mobile app development technologies, you will have to create at least 2 different apps – for iOS and Android.

Though creating Native apps for your business has its own advantages, it comes with two obvious challenges – a higher cost of development and time to market. Developing two different apps will take time and will cost a lot of money!

This is where React Native & its cross-platform app development capabilities come in handy. 

React Native allows cross-platform development. And this becomes one of the primary reasons why you should choose React Native for your business. Cross-platform basically allows you to reuse code and render it on both iOS & Android without sacrificing its User Experience (UX).

Here are a few features of using React Native for cross-platform development that you can’t ignore!

  • Shared Data Layer

One of the primary reasons why a native code written for iOS doesn’t work on Android is – different data layers. React Native developers use different implementation strategies to cut short the development process. 

One of them is using Redux with React Native.

Using Redux – a predictable state container with React Native allows you to easily track and implement changes in the application state. This means that you can create just one shared Data Layer both for Android & iOS.

Using this implementation, React Native developers can ensure the stability & performance of a piece of code without actually writing it for two different platforms.

  • Using The Platform Module

React Native allows usage of the “Platform” module. This module basically detects the platform your app is running on and accordingly allows you to control its flow. 

Using the “Platform” allows your team to render the appearance values of your app, especially when the changes in implementation are quite moderate.

With such features, React Native is easily one of your best choices for your business when it comes to cross-platform mobile app development. Its other cross-platform development features like platform-specific extensions allow your team to easily develop mobile apps that work for both iOS & Android. 

React Native Offers Great UI/UX

Another factor that comes in when considering React Native for your business mobile app is its ability to create great UI/UX.

Every entrepreneur knows the importance of a good mobile app interface. A bad experience can not only throw off a prospect but also creates a bad reputation for your app.

Business owners often fear that the UI/UX of their app will suffer if they go for cross-platform app development. React Native definitely gives you at par performance when it comes to designing an intuitive UI & UX.

Since, how to create a great UX/UI in React Native for two entirely different layout systems of iOS & Android without actually creating separate codebases? 

  • One of the greatest features of React Native is how easy it is to implement changes & iterate them on a mobile UI. You don’t have to wait hours to preview how a UI change finally looks in your app.
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  • React Native offers native styling which basically allows a style element to reflect successfully in iOS as well as Android. You can create style elements using JavaScript in React Native and avoid implementing UI separately for these two platforms.This definitely helps your team in creating more customized UI/UX for your business than Auto Layout.

Features like these help your team to create a great UI/UX for your mobile app. It also helps you to give quick feedback without disrupting the entire app development timeline! 

This is definitely one of the reasons why businesses prefer using React Native for their mobile apps.

Rapid App Development Using React Native

Through the past decade, the market has become more volatile than ever and the attention span of your users has reduced significantly. This holds for your mobile app as well. You have to launch your app at the right time to gain popularity among your target audience. 

React Native helps your team to quickly launch a mobile app for your business. There are multiple factors behind this. Here are a few of them.

  • As mentioned earlier, React Native is a cross-platform app development framework. So it not only cuts down your development time to half but also saves you resources (time & money) you’d normally invest in hiring for iOS and Android developers.
    But if you are planning to develop two separate native apps, hiring expert remote mobile app developers from Resourcifi is easier & more cost-efficient.
  • React Native is a framework used for mobile app development. It has in-built features that allow the rapid development of your mobile app and thus, beat your competitor to market. Besides, it also supports third-party plug-ins which allows you to add advanced features to your app without investing days into the development.
  • Here is another way how React Native for your business can help you launch your mobile app quickly. If you have used ReactJS for your business web app, the mobile app development becomes significantly easier.

    React and React Native are frameworks of JavaScript. This significantly increases the code reusability of your web app in React Native which further reduces the time needed for app development in your business.

The Popularity of React Native

React Native is an open-source mobile development framework created by Facebook. Due to its ease of development, its cross-platform capabilities & the reusability of React’s code (a popular web development framework) in it, React Native is supported by a huge community of developers.

So, where does this support for React Native help you in mobile development for your business?

Let’s say that you want to implement a feature in your app but your team gets stuck at a point. Chances are that someone else – be it an individual or a company, already have tried to face your problem and raised in the community for help.

Besides, it is not also because you can get quick fixes to a development problem that you might face during development. Huge community support of React Native means that it gets regular security updates and upgrades that help you to improve the performance of your app!

Final Words: React Native For Business

React Native is being actively adopted by startups, scaling businesses, and large-scale enterprises as their mobile app development framework. If you look at the post-development maintenance & upgradability, React Native offers a plethora of other options as well apart from official framework launches.

As such, React Native becomes a safe bet for a mobile app for your business.

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