5 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress

Improve Your Website’s Ranking With These 5 Best SEO Plugins For WordPress

which started off as a free open source solution, has built its reputation for providing bloggers and businesses around the world with a solid online platform. As per their About Us page, WordPress in its present form powers more than 28% of the web. Based on PHP and MySQL, the free and open-source content management system (CMS) comes with a variety of in-built features, which make it super-easy for users to customize their websites.

If you are looking to enhance your webpage functionality and boost visibility online, there are a few simple additions that you can incorporate onto your WordPress page. One such important addition is the WordPress SEO plugin! Because WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, using the best SEO plugins for WordPress can greatly enhance your website’s SEO friendly characteristics.

Premium, Free, or Freemium – WordPress SEO Plugin Comparison

There are a variety of premium as well as free WordPress SEO plugins available for you to choose from that offer a broad range of SEO features. Which plugin you should use completely depends on what you want from your website. For businessmen and professionals looking to increase their ROI, it is better to go for a premium or paid plugin. Paid plugins offer you more reliability. There is a support team that actively works on issues reported by you, keeps your plugin updated, and constantly works towards its enhancement. Using a premium WordPress SEO tool prevents you from the hassles of monitoring the plugins for regular updates as well as vulnerabilities. On the other hand, if you are a beginner, you can initially use a free plugin and later upgrade to a premium one. There are also freemium plugins such as WooCommerce, Event Espresso, BackWPup and more, which offer you a mix of both – paid and free plugins.

Following are 5 of the best SEO plugins for WordPress that you can use to boost your SEO ranking:-

1. Yoast SEO – Developed by Joost De Valk in 2005, Yoast SEO by Yoast is the most popular and by far the best WordPress SEO plugin that you can use at present. It comes loaded with tons of great and actionable SEO features, which you can use to increase the SEO ranking of your WordPress website. Millions of users around the world have used this plugin and will vouch for the enhanced functionality and its ability to wow the WordPress world with its impressive updates. Some of the awesome features of Yoast SEO which you will instantly notice are:-

  • Meta & Title Tag Optimization – It allows you to determine pages to be shown in the search results. Snippet preview lets you observe how your page will look in search results
  • Breadcrumbs – Breadcrumb is great for internal linking. It facilitates simple navigation for users and spiders.
  • WordPress multi-Site: WordPress multi-site compatibility allows you to use the plugin on more than one site.
  • XML sitemaps – XML sitemaps work in all setups. The sitemap index and individual sitemaps update automatically as you add or remove content.
  • Social Integration: Contains SEO-friendly Facebook open graph that allows you to link SEO and social media together.: Contains SEO-friendly Facebook open graph that allows you to link SEO and social media together.
  • Green & Red light interface – With a simple green and red light interface, you are able to ensure whether you are implementing things right or not.

2. All In One SEO Pack – The All In One SEO Pack is the second best in SEO WordPress plugins. As the name of the plugin itself suggests, it provides you with virtually everything you need to optimize your WordPress website. It can analyze complex content, edits files, as well as blocks bad bots. Some features include and not limited to:-

  • XML Sitemap support
  • Canonical URL support
  • Free WooCommerce integration (a premium feature in most WordPress plugins)
  • Easy Google Analytics integration
  • Support for custom post types
  • Automatic or manual meta information

The All in One SEO pack plugin is free to use, but you can upgrade for a Pro version to unlock more advanced features.

3. SEO by Squirrly – If you are not an SEO expert, SEO by Squirrly is an ideal SEO WordPress plugin for you. It comes with complete SEO suite without any complicated elements. By making use of this plugin, you can write content which is easily readable as well as boost the ranking of your WordPress website. There are several advantages of using SEO by Squirrly:-

  • SEO Squirrly generates SEO recommendations for headlines based on your primary keywords.
  • Keyword optimization with this plugin is slightly easier as compared to Yoast because it is done while you are writing your article. You do not have to save the article to see suggestions and results.
  • When you replace an old SEO plugin for WordPress with Squirrly, it does not overwrite any of your settings from the previous setup.
  • There is also a tool that allows you to analyze your competition and to see how you can outrank it. This gives you both inspiration and ways to improve your content quality.
  • You get weekly progress report along with recent tweets about your topics.

4. The SEO Framework – If you are looking for an automated, fast, and lightweight WordPress plugin for your SEO requirements that does not have any bothersome ads, The SEO Framework is the best plugin for you. It is pre-configured and provides a suitable starting point for most websites. What makes this plugin different from the others is that it does not utilize a focus keyword. Instead, it utilizes the focus subject to encourage more natural writing. Some of the many benefits of using the SEO framework WordPress plugin are as follows:-

  • It is free. You are not required to pay for extensions or premium features that you find in Yoast or All in One SEO.
  • It allows you to optimize every public page, post, and term.
  • There is a colored meter/scale that makes it easy for you to check whether your post is going to perform well on Google or not.
  • If you need to set up and display local business information, you can make use of the local SEO extension.

5. Broken Link Checker – SEO is not just about filling your website pages and posts with top keywords, if you really want to get ahead in the competition, it is important for you to analyze your website thoroughly and remove broken or dead links, if there are any. And this is exactly what a broken link checker does. In order to search the broken links, the plugin monitors all the links on your website including links in your posts, pages, comments, the blogroll, and custom fields. If it comes across a broken link, it instantly sends you a warning message. You can filter links by URL, anchor text, and so on. Broken links can negatively impact user experience and lead to reduced traffic and conversions, which is why Broken Link Checker is a very handly WordPress SEO plugin.

Final Thoughts

The choice of WordPress plugin varies according to a user’s level of expertise. If you are still confused, just go for Yoast SEO. It is powerful, packed with many groundbreaking features, and also very easy to use. Don’t go overboard with too many plugins, just pick one for a website and achieve your SEO and business objectives!

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