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React Native
Web & Mobile App

Web & Mobile App

iOS, Android, React.Js, Node.Js
Web & Mobile App

Mobile App

iOS, Android
Mobile App

Web App

React Native, React.Js, Node.Js
Mobile App

Leverage Cutting-Edge Features for Your
Social Media App Success

Anonymous Identity
Privacy Controls
Live Streaming
Personalized Content Feed
Voice Search
Create Groups/ Communities
Real-Time Messaging
Content Sharing
Image & Video Editing
Push Notifications
Push Notifications
Post Removal
In-App Advertisements
User’s Management
Content Management
Third-Party Integration

Advanced Features

Social Network Analytics Tool

Social Network Analytics Tool

In-App Purchases

Social Network Analytics Tool

Integrated Messaging

Social Network Analytics Tool

Traffic Insight

Social Network Analytics Tool

Why Resourcifi Stands Out In The Industry?

With over 14+ years of expertise and commitment to innovation, Resourcifi stands out as the leading
social media app development company.

Your App, your Rights - we only build it for you

Partner with Resourcifi and enjoy complete ownership of your source code.

100% Data Security

We prioritize confidentiality by legally binding our team with stringent Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs).

Delivering Excellence

We provide top-tier software development services at competitive offshore prices.

FREE Consultation for App Monetization

Empower your business with our Revenue Strategies Consultation.

Capture Investors' Interest

Secure investments with our specialized service – designed to capture investors' attention and propel growth for businesses like yours.

Scalable App Architecture

We design scalable applications tailored to your specific business requirements.

Here’s what our clients have to say about us:

Jim Hanekamp

President at Share My Stories

“I worked with Resourcifi in order to develop this application. They've managed costs very well and we developed it so that it would only be one code base.The project manager is very responsive and the costs were maintained within everything that we had projected even as requirements changed.I hope that you have a great time with Resourcifi and they do as good for you as they did for me.”

Unique Social Media App Development Solutions

Resourcifi - Your Premier Social Media App Development Company with a team of 400+
experienced developers crafting unique solutions tailored to your business requirements.

Icon Messaging Apps

We understand the importance of real-time chats in a social app, so we develop apps that let you connect instantly in a secure, worry-free space.

Icon Dating Apps

Elevate connections with our crafted dating app development services, designed to foster meaningful relationships in the digital age.

Icon Video-Based Apps

Bring dynamic content to life and enhance user experience with our video-based app development services.

Icon Custom Social Networking Apps

Build your own social network app that uniquely connects people and communities, just the way you want.

Icon Anonymous Social Media Apps

Chat freely without revealing your identity with our anonymous social media app development services – where privacy meets open conversations.

Icon Social Gaming App Development

Transform gaming experiences with innovative and engaging social gaming app development.

Messaging Apps Dating Apps Video-Based Apps Custom Social Networking Apps Anonymous Social Media Apps Social Gaming App Development


Projects Delivered


In-House Experts


Users On-Boarded

14+ Years

Industry Expertise

Monetization Strategies

Explore monetization strategies with Resourcifi - A Premier Social
Media App Development Company.

Sponsorship Partnership

Make money with your app through sponsorships or partnerships – team up for success and boost your earnings.

Freemium Subscription

Give your users advanced features for a better app experience.

Premium Subscription

Level up your app with a premium subscription – more features, better performance, and no ads.

In-App Purchases

Unlock extra content, and features, and give your users a personalized experience on your terms.

In-App Ads

Earn while users engage - maximize revenue with in-app advertising.

Make Your Social Media App Future Ready

As a premier social media app development company, we specialize in diverse social app niches, ensuring the creation of customized platforms that perfectly align with your specific goals.


Build Professional Connections

Help professionals connect for jobs, networking, and knowledge sharing, just like LinkedIn.


Share News & Information

Create a space for discussions and knowledge exchange, inspired by Reddit's community-driven approach.


Discovering New Ideas

Introduce a platform like Pinterest where users can share and explore style, fashion, and lifestyle inspirations.


Create a Community

Establish an online group with voice, video, and chat features, like Discord, to encourage strong connections among users.


Captivate 4.8 Billion Users &
Transform Your Ideas into Engagement & Revenue

By Tapping Into a $935 Billion Market
With Our Expertise in Social Media App Development

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Ideation and planning
  • Designing UX/UI
  • Development Methodology
  • QA Testing
  • Support and Maintenance

The social media app development cost will vary as per the specific requirements. To put it in simpler words, just like every company has its own set of goals, ideas, and offerings, the cost of custom software development varies accordingly. To get a cost estimate of your social media app idea, contact Resourcifi – the leading social media app development company.

While developing your social media app, we prioritize your security. We implement measures like secure logins, protecting your data with encryption, and ensuring privacy settings. Our social media app development company follows rules like GDPR or CCPA to keep your information safe. Your safety and privacy matter to us.

Choosing between native and cross-platform development depends on your audience, budget, and app goals. As a leading social media app development company, Resourcifi offers both options. Native apps perform well but need separate development for iOS and Android. Cross-platform frameworks like React Native or Flutter give a budget-friendly way to create apps that work on both platforms.

To monetize your social media app, consider incorporating options like in-app purchases, premium subscriptions, ads, sponsored content, virtual goods, or offering extra paid features. As a leading social media app development company, we’re well-versed in how to add these money-making features to social media apps.

Having a backend system is crucial for storing user data, managing profiles and interactions, handling messages, and supporting other server-side tasks. As a leading social media app development company, we ensure everything runs smoothly for users and take care of data. With our comprehensive social media app development services, we cover all these functions from start to finish.

As a leading social media app development company, we always make sure to sign an NDA agreement before starting the project. Moreover, once your social media app is done, we hand over ownership of the source code to you.