10 Best tools to find & interview Remote candidates

There may occur thousands of query and doubts when you are looking for a staff augmentation company. The most common question that may trouble your mind involves, the credibility of your remote company, is the hired resource capable enough to understand your business perspective and project needs, can your offshore professional easily gel up with the workflow of your in-house team and the list is never-ending. However, don’t let these dilemmas ruin your decision. If you’re not recruiting talented staff outside of your zip code, then you are enabling your competitors to outstep you. There are numerous tools that streamline the process of finding the best IT staff augmentation service provider. Let’s have a look at the most effective methods to interview remote developers:

There are three techniques that are extensively used to interview a remote employee firstly, basic video conferencing which helps to create authentic connections, secondly, applicant tracking systems that automate the recruitment process and lastly, technical assessment platforms, which test the core knowledge and skills. You can also implement these techniques by utilizing the following tools to find the perfect fit for your company:


The one that needs no introduction, Skype is the widely used telecommunication application that empowers you to do video chat and video calls via multiple devices like tablets, laptops, computers, smartphones and that too at high-quality regardless of the distance shared by the two parties.

Vid Cruiter

Another leading video recruiting tool is Vid Cruiter which allows the users to identify, filter and procure the most talented staff. It displays your company logo on the screen during the video interview giving the process a professional outlook. Vid Cruiter renders an array of customization option that are easy to employ.

Google Hangouts

No one is an alien when it comes to Google. As soon as we bump into the internet we get familiarized with the Hangouts icon. It is simple tool that renders message, video chat, and VOIP features. You can consider using it for hiring offshore staff augmentation services.


This tool eases your task of writing description job description and automatically do it for you. Further it posts that ad to several popular job sites and boards such as Monster, LinkedIn, CareerBuild and Glassdoor.


Homerun enables you to set up an exemplary career website which can be easily tailored to reflect your brand’s culture. It gives you the flexibility to optimize each word, image, font, color and form as per your wishes. Unlike other platforms, Homerun provides categorical picture of the company to drive quality candidates.


HireVue leverages advanced technologies like AI and machine learning to render a comprehensive insight of the candidate. It kicks off the outdated methods of evaluation and avails you to contact the best staff augmentation company faster.


Lever helps companies interview, source, and fetch “top-tier” talent from all over the world. This software efficiently filters out unqualified candidates and saves your precious time that get wasted on interviewing weak candidates.


Hyrell covers all the elements that should be there in an ideal Applicant Tracking System including easy interview scheduling, flawless communication features, stellar account management, responsive technical support and job board posting.


Using a smart decision-assistance tool, Newton is highly adaptive to any organization’s hiring process scaling from small to medium and even to the large ones. The platform possesses a baked-in compliance feature which safeguard the employer against any lawsuits and fines.


HackerRank is one of the leading technical skill assessment platforms in the market to identify and hire dedicated developers with the right skills. This platform also run a CodeSprint, that brings along hundred of programmers together to compete for the same designation thus, provide you with only the best.

You can adopt these tools to find a proficient offshore staff augmentation team like Resourcifi. We can integrate well with your in-house team and offer remote web solutions to your organization for scaling up much faster, with zero liabilities and no administration cost.