iOS vs Android- The Pros and Cons

Lifting productivity is undoubtedly, the key to a successful business. Higher customer expectations, technological advances, and especially globalization have increased the need for better productivity today. But there’s this one question that has still kept businesses confused – Android VS iOS – which operating system is better and will help yield more profits? Will an Android phone make you more productive than an iPhone, or vice versa? Apple devices and their Android adversaries continue to dominate the global smart phone market today. Both of these platforms are ultimately quite similar, with most apps available for both iOS, the operating system that powers iPhones; and Android.

Let’s take a look at the relative pros and cons of both the Apple iPhone and the Android phone as they apply to the business world.

  • Availability of Applications: There isn’t a huge difference in iOS and android apps for business. IOS apps are generally higher optimized for tablet as compared to Android apps, with scaling interfaces that work great on an iPad. Any Android app may be used on any Android device, but they don’t constantly make the high-quality use of the extra display. However, the Android app ecosystem, turns out to be friendlier to smaller developers. If your company simply requires the basics, iPhone will do well for you. The more obscure apps you prefer to install, the more likely you will only be able to find them in the Google Play Store for Android.
  • The level of Security: iOS tightly controls the entire ecosystem, from hardware to software to firmware; meaning the company closely screens each and every app that appears in its app store. This results in reducing the danger of downloading malicious apps. Additionally, iOS devices have a great legacy support, which means older iPhones continue to get security updates for many years after their release. It makes sure your device is guaranteed to be running the latest software with the latest security fixes.
    In contrast, the Android platform has dozens of devices from many different manufacturers on the market. Each device ships with a specific version of Android which is usually not the greatest one. But, this open-source nature of the Android makes sure that the security holes are easily discovered and patched rapidly.
  • Software features and interface: The latest versions of both mobile operating systems are full of multiple productivity-boosting software features, but there are certain key differences that will appeal to different kinds of employees. It’s a fact that iOS is slightly simpler and a bit more streamlined, while Android offers more features for power users. For certain tasks such as referencing a web page or a document while drafting an email, Android will allow you to view two apps in a side-by-side split screen configuration whereas iOS won’t. On the other hand, using Apple’s new Continuity features, you can easily beam email drafts or other documents directly to or from your phone or tablet to your computer with just a couple of taps.
  • Hardware options: Android phones come in varied shapes and sizes, with a wide range of feature sets. Whether you wish to get the latest flagship device or just something dirt cheap, Android has you covered. The big selection can help you pick out just the right device for you whereas in practice, it can make buying a new business phone more confusing. In contrast, buying an iPhone is easy. Just decide how big you want it to be, and then all you have to decide is how much internal storage you desire.

The Apple vs. Android battle is nowhere near over. Every business owner will have to determine the exact needs of their organization, and which of the two operating systems will be the one to meet those needs the best. But how do you make that choice? Well, in order to understand which of these platforms will prove out to be fruitful for your organization, you can consider hiring an iOS developer or an Android developer for your business needs. Make sure to contact an offshore software development company that will assist you in the process.

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