How to Recruit and Hire Great Software Engineers ?

The advent of technology has revolutionized the way businesses operate. With everything and everyone turning internet-friendly, it has become crucial for organizations to have a unique identity for themselves on the cyberspace. A good website is not merely the face of business. It represents the company in front of its potential customers and believe it or not, but with the internet taking center stage in the lives of people, a website can make or break a company. It helps in creating the first impression. Once the image is set, it becomes difficult to alter it. Aesthetically-appealing, customer-centric, user-friendly and feature-rich websites have therefore become the need of the hour, for businesses of all kinds, to survive the cut-throat competition existing worldwide.

In today’s day and age, companies can’t ignore the significant role that web development plays in their growth. Encompassing various stages from designing a website to finally making it functional for users, the process requires skilled personnel to carry out the development with finesse. Here is when web developers come into the picture, but hiring them is not a simple task as it looks like. Companies should themselves have the expertise to gauge the skills of resources they are hiring. The rising workload and the need to focus on the core areas of the business is the main reason why many firms prefer outsourcing the work of website development to an external service provider. Firstly it reduces their workload and is light on the budget. Secondly, it saves a lot of time, and most importantly, it provides them the best-in-class web development services.

How difficult is it to recruit software engineers?

Hiring software developers in-house is, undoubtedly, a tedious task. Based on various elements like unemployability rate, average salaries, the number of job opportunities, etc., Monster’s hiring analysis suggests that recruiting developers is more difficult as compared to other digital experts. The difficulty rating further rises while employing software developers for mobile-centric projects that are related to Android and iOS development. The research by CEB TalentNeuron gives a sneak-peek into the hiring trends of cities in the United States. It states that Atlanta and Dallas face similar struggles while recruiting software developers, and the median salaries offered there stands at $113,900 and $124,400 respectively.

What is the cost of hiring a software developer?

Let’s take a bird’s eye view at the cost of hiring now. Looking at the mounting demand for software engineers the world over, it’s important to know where do the costliest developers live on the planet. According to Techworld, Canada pays the highest salaries to developers, followed by New Zealand, Germany, US, Australia, to name a few. To make it more clear, let’s compare the salaries of engineers in the US with those in India, a developing country that has some of the world’s best developer brains. According to Payscale, a software developer in India gets an average salary of 6070$, and in the US, the amount is as high as $69,083. The vast difference in the figure conveys the increasing propensity of companies to hire talent from another country, India, for example, where they can get excellent services at a nominal cost.

Which are the most In-demand programming language in 2017?

PYPL Popularity of Programming Language comes up with an analysis after evaluating the number of times tutorials of a particular language are searched on Google and according to it, the programming languages that are currently on the hot list of companies, are Java, Python, PHP, C#, and JavaScript.

As can be seen, Python is moving at the fastest pace, registering a growth of 3%, hence, the language is going to be in high demand in the current year. Next in the line is JavaScript, that is also showing steady growth, while others are slowly decreasing in popularity.

How to find the right web developers?

The hiring scenario is tough. Hence, the best solution for companies is to employ outsourcing firms based out of developing countries like India. Keeping the above trends in mind, looping in an external service provider might be in the best interest of firms as it will solve many problems related to cost, time and quality.Talking particularly about outsourcing software development work to India, the country fits the bill thanks to the impeccable quality of work that they deliver at a budget-friendly price. The country is home to over 1.32 billion people, and a major part of this population lies in the age group of 18-25 years old. The abundant amount of young energy, stable government with policies that favor the IT industry and a larger chunk of the population being fluent in English, are the key drivers that are wooing organizations from across the galaxy to partner with outsourcing vendors in India and avail the many perks that they have to offer.