7 White-Label Services to Boost Your Agency’s Revenue

Just before the COVID – 19 crisis, The Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA) released an extensive report projecting expected growth areas for agencies.

But, when the unprecedented pandemic hit the world, agencies were taken by shock. All the strategies and plans they had to grow the revenue of their digital or web agency were completely disrupted. But the show must go on!

Pre-COVID and even now, web & digital agencies are constantly looking for ways to increase their revenue.

So, how to grow your digital agency’s revenue and growth? In this article, I have listed ways to increase your digital agency revenue using 7 different types of white label services. But before we get into that, what are some of the biggest challenges digital & web agencies face?  

Most Common Web & Digital Agency Challenges

Every web/ digital agency has its own set of challenges. It depends on the services you specialize in, the way you run your agency, and many other factors. But there are a few challenges that are common to all digital & web agencies.

In 2018, Hubspot released a report after surveying more than 100 agencies. One of the questions that were asked in the report was – what are your agency’s biggest pain points? About 60% of agencies chose “finding new clients” as their biggest challenge.

Getting More Customers (& Keeping The Old Ones)

Did you know that the majority of digital/web agencies still depend on referrals for getting new clients? 

This is strange, especially now that every agency has an online presence, runs ads, and follows other marketing tactics, by the book, to get new clients.

So, why is getting more customers a challenge for digital/web agencies?

  • The market space is over-crowded. The fact that every digital/web agency is targeting the same set of keywords to present their services, dominating digital presence becomes as hard as it gets!
  • Agencies often tend to place their bet on a few sources for lead generation, organic search marketing – for example.
  • You have a 60-70% chance of selling your services to your existing clients as versus a 5-20% chance of selling them to a new client. And yet, most of the web & digital agencies lose their older clients to their competitors because of a plethora of reasons such as competitive pricing, lack of expertise, client satisfaction, etc.

Building A Brand

You, as an agency owner, understand this better than anyone else that becoming a brand in a particular industry is important to keep a healthy influx of new clients. One of the keys to becoming a brand is – specializing in a specific industry.

To specialize and become a brand in a particular industry, your agency has to have access to a plethora of resources which is quite challenging for most digital & web agencies. 

Competitive Pricing

Most agencies undercut their prices to get an initial influx of clients. While this may help them in landing a few clients, it definitely is not a sustainable growth strategy.

In today’s competitive market space where there are thousands of web & digital agencies, competitive pricing without compromising on the quality of services becomes one of the biggest agency challenges.

These are just a few of the biggest challenges most digital & web agencies face when planning to grow or increase their revenue. So, what’s the solution?

White-Label Services – A Common Solution

White-label services are basically services produced by another company (white-label providers) that you can reprice and resell under your brand name. Sounds exciting, right? Your clients, your brand-name, your pricing, but the project execution is handled by your white-label partner.

Here are a few other benefits of partnering with white-label service providers.

  • Increase Your Agency Bottom Line

White-label services allow you to reduce the operational costs of your agency without impacting the range and quality of the services that you, as a web or digital agency, offer.

This not only allows you to efficiently scale in your current market but also allows you to expand your agency’s services to new markets.

  • Industry Expertise For Your Client’s Project

White-label providers are known for the quality of the services they offer because that’s what their brand value is all about. After all, their services should be good enough for a reputable agency to resell them under its brand. 

To meet these expectations and deliver top quality services, White-label providers invest their resources in setting up a huge team of industry experts for the services they provide. You can utilize these experts on your projects without investing tonnes of resources in finding and hiring in-house experts.

Besides, as an agency owner, you understand that the project & talent requirements of your clients keep changing. This is yet another reason why you should partner with a white-label provider to execute & deliver high-quality projects for your clients.

  • Increase Your Service offerings

Let’s say that your agency specializes in web development for the healthcare industry and you plan to extend your services to include mobile app development as well.

In this case, the best way to increase & improve your service offerings efficiently is to partner with a white-label provider that offers mobile app development services for the healthcare industry.

This will help you to start selling mobile app development services right away! How cool is that?

These were a few ways how partnering with a white-label provider can help you skyrocket your agency’s revenue. In the next section, I’ll cover 7 different types of white-label services that your web or digital agency can benefit from.

7 White-Label Services To Boost Your Agency’s Revenue

In this section, we cover 7 different types of white-label services. For each of these solutions, I will tell you why it should be part of your service offerings and how white-labeling these services will help you grow your agency’s revenue.

White-Label Digital Advertising Services

No matter which industry your agency specializes in, all kinds of businesses need digital advertising services. 

Be it Search Engine Advertising, PPC Ads, or any other Digital Advertising Services, small as well as medium scale companies can rely on them for getting immediate results. So, obviously, the demand for Digital Advertising Services is tremendous.

Having said that, the huge demand for digital advertising services has given birth to hundreds and thousands of agencies that offer these services. As such, exceeding client expectations by result-driven work is the only way to make a name as an expert digital advertising agency.

This is where white-label digital advertising services come into the picture.

White-label digital advertising services allow you to be the best in the industry without investing tonnes of resources for the same. Here are a few ways how white-label digital advertising services can help you grow your agency’s revenue.

  • Your clients get the best results from their advertising campaigns as the best digital advertising experts work on their projects.
  • You extend your service offerings at negligible operational & delivery costs with the help of your white-label partner.
  • As the execution of your client projects is handled by your white-label partner, it allows your agency to focus on tasks like creating better processes for client onboarding, project management, and much more!

White-Label Social Media Marketing Services

Social media channels have become a gold mine for businesses in every industry. It allows them to connect with their existing customers, improve user experience, generate new leads for their business, and whatnot!

Irrespective of industry, businesses are increasingly adopting social media marketing as a part of their core marketing strategy. Here are a few stats that highlight the importance of social media marketing for businesses in 2020.

  • More than 87% of U.S. businesses use Facebook for marketing. 
  • Instagram affects the buying decision of 80% of its users. Given this, it’s no wonder that more than 75% of U.S. businesses use Instagram from marketing their products & services.
  • 97% of B2B businesses use LinkedIn for distributing their branded content.

Add other social media channels like Pinterest, Twitter, Reddit, etc. to this and the end result becomes an obvious social proof of the importance of social media marketing for businesses. Businesses are increasingly using social media marketing but still, there is a lack of well-thought social media strategies in the digital space.

White Label social media marketing services can help you portray your brand as an expert social media marketing agency and thus, opening a sea of opportunities for revenue growth!

White-Label Content Marketing Services

The phrase “Content is king” is a cliche for a reason.

Every small, medium or large business understands the value of content marketing for online visibility and lead generation in the long run. Here are a few stats that clearly depict the popularity of content marketing among businesses.

  • 72% of companies believe that content marketing is a smart investment for increasing leads in the long run!
  • Over 61% of consumers make their purchases based on blog recommendations.
  • More than 56% of businesses worldwide plan to increase their content marketing spend.

These stats clearly depict the demand for content marketing services in the market space. So, how can you increase your agency’s revenue by using white-label content marketing services?

While there is an obvious demand for content marketing services, most businesses are not satisfied with their content marketing efforts. In today’s digital world where every other business is creating content, every business needs in-depth industry insights to execute it the right way and get results-driven work!

According to a survey, only 1 to 5 experts believed that they knew the best way of running a successful content marketing campaign.

Partnering with a white-label provider for content marketing services will help your agency become a pioneer in the field of content marketing and thus, increase your agency’s revenue. Here’s how!

  • White-label providers have a team of industry experts who have experience in executing content marketing strategies for a diverse set of clients! 
  • White-label content marketing services will help you deliver best-in-class services to your clients without increasing your infrastructure or service delivery costs.
  • Your white-label partner can help you become an end-to-end provider of content marketing services which will help you grow your agency’s revenue!

White-Label Web Design & Development Services

Every business understands the importance of online presence and how its website/web app stands at the core of it!

Those days are long gone when just having a website or web app was enough for a business. Every B2B or B2C business has a website and the key to standing out is creating a super-fast website with intuitive UI/UX that consumers absolutely love!

If measured by revenue, the market size of the Web Design Services industry is a whopping $39.6bn! The web design & development industry has a huge market demand waiting to be captured by expert service providers. Your digital agency could be the one!

Using white-label web design & development services, your agency can become a leading provider of these services in your industry by reselling and repricing them under your brand’s name. 

Partnering with a white-label provider to offer top-quality web design & development services will help you increase your agency’s service offerings at minimum project execution cost!

White-Label App Design & Development Services

Just like web design/development, mobile app design/development services play a crucial part in the digital transformation journey of every business. 

With the increasing number of mobile users, businesses are moving towards a mobile-first strategy by extending their services/products through mobile apps. Given that, it’s no wonder that the mobile app design/development market is growing at a rate of 27.9%.

Here’s how white-label mobile app design/development services can help you increase your agency’s revenue. 

Like other white-label services, adding mobile app design/ development to your service offerings with a help of a white-label partner will help you offer top-quality services while reducing service delivery costs and thus, improving your agency’s bottom line.

White-label Graphic Design Services 

In the eyes of a customer, a company is as good as it looks online and this is where Graphic design services become important for every business.

Graphic design plays a crucial role in many aspects of every B2B or B2C business, such as content creation, social media marketing, and display advertising. 

Here are a few stats that reflect the importance of graphic design for businesses.

  • According to a study, every £100 spent on design leads to a turnover increase of £225.
  • Over 40% of consumers respond better to graphics & visuals than just plain texts.
  • Within just 80 seconds of viewing it, people create a subconscious judgment about a product. 62 – 90% of this assessment is based just on the product’s color.

Having said that, businesses are actively looking for graphic design services and this provides an opportunity for your agency to become an expert provider in your industry.

It doesn’t matter whether you identify yourself as a marketing & advertising agency or development industry, graphic design inherently becomes a part of all these services. White-label graphic design services give your agency an opportunity to offer the best-in-class services to your clients at minimal cost and thus, helping you boost your agency’s revenue!

White-Label Quality Assurance (QA) Services

In today’s hyper-competitive market space, launching software without testing is worse than launching software at all. 

Quality Assurance makes sure that software is launched in its best state possible. The risks associated with launching software are not just limited to a company’s services but can scar its brand image as well.

As such, businesses realize the importance of QA of their software, and white-label software testing & QA services give you the opportunity to become an expert provider of these services in the industry your agency functions in.

White-label Quality Assurance services can help you increase your agency’s revenue in many ways. Here are a few of them.

  • If your agency offers development services for a particular industry, you can extend your services by partnering with a white-label partner to include Quality Assurance as part of your service offerings.
  • You can also offer Quality Assurance as a standalone service using white-label QA services.

White-Label Partnership With Resourcifi

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