Benefits of Outsourcing Quality Assurance

Software Development is an integral part of the business processes of firms, whether large or small. Comprising various steps from analyzing, designing and coding to finally testing the software, it is a dynamic process that requires skilled personnel at every stage to ensure perfection. In most of the firms, the in-house team of engineers looks after the entire Software Development, including the Quality Assurance part. This puts companies at a risk of losing out on the quality of the software.QA in itself requires a specialized workforce that uses the appropriate methodology for testing. One single team handling both Software Development as well as Testing means compromising on the quality of the Software. Treating QA and Software Development as two separate processes is a fair way to ensure that the quality is maintained.

Gone is the time when Quality Assurance had a paltry role to play in the success of a Software. For an infallible software, Quality Assurance or Testing is paramount, and hence, outsourcing this work to professional testing firms eases the burden to a great extent. Handing over the task of Quality Assurance to testing experts having relevant experience in this domain expedites the entire Software Development process, ensuring efficiency, objectivity, and effectiveness at the same time. Also, by outsourcing, companies can reduce their QA costs tremendously. Assigning the work to outsourced QA specialists may cost firms half of what they will have to pay on hiring skilled experts onsite.  

Many companies also think of outsourcing the entire Software Development process but hesitate to go with the idea. Well, in such a case, it’s always better to take baby steps by first outsourcing the QA division of Software Development, to get a gist of how outsourcing brings better results. Another reason why companies think twice before deploying the Software Development work to an external agency is that they are skeptical of sharing their code due to security issues. By outsourcing QA, they can be unperturbed about the security of their code.

Let’s look at some of the major benefits of outsourcing Quality Assurance:

  1. Objectivity and Efficiency: For an unbiased evaluation of the software, it’s essential that businesses assign the work of development and testing to different teams. A single team for both coding and testing will result in the lack of objectivity. Also, by doing so, companies put themselves in jeopardy of not being able to discover errors or bugs in the software. If developing and testing is done by the same set of developers, they might overlook errors as it’s their code. Getting the software tested by other developers or testers who have no role in the development of the software, will ensure impartial testing. Therefore, outsourcing the work of Quality Assurance to a company that has experts having in-depth knowledge of testing software, is a good deal.
  2. Protection of code: The best part about outsourcing QA is companies do not have to share the details of coding to their outsourcing partners. The sole purpose of outsourcing QA is coming up with unique testing scripts, working on various testing software to ensure that they deliver you flawless software, and attaining all of this without knowing anything about the code. By outsourcing Quality Assurance, firms can be unperturbed about breach of Intellectual Property Rights.
  3. Start by outsourcing QA: Businesses that are looking to outsource their Development or QA process but are indecisive as to whether they should opt for it or not, can start by hiring QA engineers. This way, firms can get a clear understanding of how to communicate and work with a team of offshore engineers. Also, they will be fully aware of the skills of offshore engineers and how they perform. The track record of the outsourcing company as far as delivering faultless and glitch-free software is concerned is the deciding factor for companies on whether they would like to continue their association with them. If yes, companies can consider exploring other options as well, Software Development and Coding for example.
  4. Identify risks at an early stage: Many companies ignore Quality Assurance, as they are of the view that it doesn’t occupy a noteworthy role in the Software Development. In reality, QA is preeminent to delivering an excellent Software. Hence, it’s essential that firms assign the task of testing to a full-fledged QA team at the beginning itself. Associating with an outsource QA team will keep companies in a safer zone as they will be able to detect bugs or errors early in the process. Since the cost of defects increases with the progress of the project, QA should be assigned at the initial stage of the project as it will save companies from incurring any extra cost due to late detection of defects.
  5. Automation in Quality Assurance: After companies outsource their QA work to a competent team of testing wizards, they will get a better understanding of the skills of the engineers hired. Once the task is accomplished successfully, firms can further think of outsourcing convoluted testing as well as development projects. Also, with the advancements in technology, QA has now become automated. Companies might find it hard to use the latest automated QA techniques to test the processes. Hence, outsourcing the work to a third party will ensure that automated testing is done using the most recent methodologies and in the least possible time.

Outsourcing QA has ample benefits as mentioned above. It also helps companies reduce the cost incurred, and they can eventually end up with substantial savings. Those that are new to outsourcing and are perplexed on how to go about it can start off by deploying just the QA part of Software Development to external companies specializing in this work. Post running this pilot project; they can decide whether they wish to continue with it or not. It’s that simple.

With scores of processes at hand, it’s best to outsource Quality Assurance and reap the benefits of working with a highly experienced and knowledgeable team of testing engineers and at the same time add value to the other processes of Software Development by letting the internal staff concentrate solely on them.

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