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Being one of the most prominent tech evolutions of this era, numerous companies across the globe have begun exploring how Artificial intelligence can streamline their business operations and how AI can enhance their customer experience. The year 2020 will see a lot more of AI as its integration with companies will lead to employees working along with AI-based systems.

Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology is one of the most talked-about trends over the past couple of years. The thing is, even today if you talk about this technology to a new techie, he probably wouldn’t have a clue about what you are talking about. The year 2020 is possibly the time when this will change, and everyone across the globe will be familiar with the concept of this emerging technology.

Autonomous Driving

Autonomous driving has been a talk of the town for a couple of years now. Do you think we will witness these vehicles picking and dropping people in 2020? At this point in time, when we still don’t see autonomous vehicles on roads. It is not quite likely that these vehicles will be a part of our systems in 2020; however, without a doubt, autonomous driving will continue to generate a great amount of excitement throughout next year.

Extended Reality

Extended Reality is a mix of multiple new and upcoming technologies, widely used in the entertainment and digital space. To be more specific and clear, Virtual Reality + Augmented Reality + Mixed Reality = Extended Reality.

The year 2020 is expected to witness virtual and augmented reality, as a technology, to become rampant for the purpose of training, stimulation and customer interaction.

5G Network

5G sounds like a significant advancement, especially for people like you and me who are hooked to the internet all the time. With the introduction of a 5G mobile network, you will be facilitated with lightning-fast downloading and uploading speeds along with a stable and robust connection.

5G will directly benefit upcoming technologies like IoT, machines, robots, and autonomous vehicles by enabling them to collect and transfer data in vast amounts because of 5G’s increased bandwidth

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Trusted since 2009, we realize that every client has diverse set of concerns and requirements. We have put our team through several rigorous training programmes and acquired certifications to put some of those concerns to rest.


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