A Manager’s Toolkit to Increase Productivity of Remote Teams!

Posted on : 4/16/2020

The world is moving towards remote work, is your business prepared? There are multiple benefits of working with a remote team like zero infrastructure & administration costs, and access to global talent. But companies face challenges when working with remote teams such as: How to make sure that your remote team works efficiently? What are…

eBook - How to fund your startup - Resourcifi

How To Fund Your Startup?

Posted on : 7/3/2018

If becoming an entrepreneur has always been a dream of yours, there’s probably one key reason why you haven’t followed your dream: startup funding. One of the most frequent questions entrepreneurs have to face is “How to get funding for startup?” There isn’t any magic, and contrary to popular myth, nobody is waiting in the…

Business Plan Template for mobile app - Resourcifi

Business Plan Template

Posted on : 4/9/2018

What is the necessity of a business plan in a project? Primarily, a good business plan helps in analyzing your strategic goals by keeping the market functions, ongoing trends and the budget for building a quality mobile app/ platform in mind. This business plan template would assist you in outlining how the entire process of…

eBook - Post Product Launch Checklist - Resourcifi

Post Product Launch Checklist

Posted on : 4/6/2018

An effective product launch plan is a pre-requisite before launching your product or service in the market. Once the product is launched, and you’ve successfully assembled and attracted the audience, Now what? Apparently, you can’t just let them wander off to the next exciting product launch. An effective product launch plan does not get over…

eBook - Offshoring Considerations - Resourcifi

Offshoring Considerations – How to ensure success?

Posted on : 4/2/2018

The growth of the offshoring market has been continuously escalating in the recent times. Businesses all around the world are profiting from this practice by saving a lot of their outlays and getting quality work as well. But is it the right decision for your business to pursue offshore business opportunities? If pursued wisely, offshore…

eBook - Select the right outsourcing partner - Resourcifi

How to Select the Right Outsourcing Partner for your Business? Guide

Posted on : 2/15/2018

Deciding on which outsourcing vendor to go with is a complex task, as it involves multiple processes from assessing the specialties of the service provider to checking the methodologies they have in place to meet the requirements of their partners. In this e-book, we take you through various factors influencing outsourcing decision. One wrong decision…

eBook - Pre Product Launch Checklist - Resourcifi

Pre-Product Launch Checklist-101 Guide

Posted on : 2/15/2018

Marketing strategies keep on growing and varying with the times. Today, the approaches used for product marketing isn’t what it used to be five years ago. The new media scene includes an unwarranted number of professional bloggers than the number of media houses. Hence, it is important to know how to plan a product launch.…