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How to Not Get Ripped Off by Developers?

How to be a smart, well-prepared buyer of software development services? Software project development is not an easy task. There are several factors to reflect upon as it is a highly complex process with innumerable variables during which any number of things can go wrong, which can result in lost time, lost money and failed projects. In this eBook, we dig deep into the pit-holes of a development project and help you gain insights into the considerations to keep in mind while working with a software developer. After reading this book, we ensure you to get a better comprehension of the essential points to zero-in on while handling a development project. This book will enable you to enhance your decision-making skills while working on software development projects. You’ll be able to grasp some of the crucial aspects of project development like the quality of a project, the risk associated, the development approach, the planning & targeting, etc. in a far better way. Enjoy the read!