5 Reasons to Hire a Dedicated Software Development Team

Are you planning to set up your next big software development project but running out of resources? In this situation, you must be dangling between availing IT staff augmentation services to fill skill gaps, outsourcing team, or hiring developers. To respond to the progressive nature of the tech world, it is utmost important to have a proficient development team that adopts agile approaches. One of the widely chosen recruitment models is employing offshore dedicated software development team. It is an IT staff augmentation model wherein a client company authorize the vendor outsourcing software development company to find diverse professionals to work for the former’s software development project.

Here are the top 5 reasons to hire a dedicated software development team for your upcoming ventures:

Greater Flexibility

A chief advantage of leveraging IT staff augmentation services is that it enlarges the scalability of your company. You can be adaptive of any small to large scale projects with the additional expertise of your hired remote employee. This also boosts the zeal of your existing team for producing remarkable outcomes.

Cost Efficient

You don’t have to bear the long term expenses like operational cost, taxes, benefits, or wages once you seal the deal with a certified staff augmentation company. The extended augmented team will aim to meet up your project needs, and you just need to pay them for the actual number of hours they worked for you.

Direct Control

In oppose to complete outsourcing, staff augmentation enables you to perform regular monitoring over your project. The moment you outsource a project you gave the entire control to the outside party and will not be able to track the progress of your project. However, with staff augmentation team, you can give any specification to the augmentation staff even within the development stage to improve the efficiency of your project.

Access to a Larger Talent

The knowledge of your in-house web development team is often confined due to their lack of exposure. Which implies that at times when your project requirement changes, your hire development team find much difficulty in adjusting the dynamic environment. On the other hand, a dedicated software development team has an experience in working on a wide range of projects to suffice client’s demands. They can troubleshoot any complex web requisite with profound skills.

Quicker Turnaround

It is the biggest reason why most IT companies prefer to hire a development team. The augmented team of professionals offer you the highest quality solutions within the shortest time period. They value your project based expectations thence are responsive to every need.

Hiring a dedicated software development team for your IT project can be highly favorable and beneficial. If you want to keep up with the variant technology, then you should seek the assistance of the best staff augmentation company, Resourcifi. We specialize in web and mobile application development. Our motto is client contentment, which is why we give flexibility to our clients to pick up the perfect resource that suits their requirement. Hire dedicated developers from us and give your business the desired hype.