All you need to know about Drupal!

Drupal is a broad concept that cannot be defined in a paragraph however, this blog will cover most of the dominating aspects of Drupal ranging from, its features to advantages and versions. Let’s begin with the basics and understand the term Drupal.

Drupal is an open-source content management system (CMS) used for back-end development of various websites. It was written in PHP and released under the (GNU) General Public License. It has a strong extended community that intends to create a platform on which multiple scales of web solutions can be formed. Currently, Drupal development services are used by approx. 2.3% of websites across the globe. Do you know the reason behind it? Well, it’s all because of Drupal’s rich-features that allows you to build flexible and scalable websites.
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Let’s now understand the key advantages of hiring Drupal developers,

Rapid Development

The biggest perk of Drupal is that it fosters speedy development. In most of the cases, one cannot modify the app once it has gone live on the web but, Drupal renders a convenient platform that avails the developers to make changes or add on the trending keywords even after the deployment of a website as per the business needs.

SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is an important factor that affects the performance of a website. Drupal developers are likely to form those websites that are SEO-friendly. Drupal websites contains the content which easily gets identified by the search engine and draws more traffic on the site.


Security can’t be overlooked in terms of website development. One of the reasons to rely upon Drupal is its standard security. Its built-in security locks down the confidential information of a site like configuration files, rendering important data, installed directory from being accessed. Since security is a primary concern of Entrepreneurs, they choose to hire dedicated Drupal developers for bringing their dream project off the ground.


It’s always difficult to cope up with the ever-changing web environment, yet nothing is impossible when it comes to Drupal. Flexibility is certainly a significant selling point of Drupal. Its flexible nature allows Drupal developer to generate a unique range of content types scaling from the podcasts, videos, blogs to statistics. The power of Drupal is not limited to its ability to create diversified content, it also provides a flexible design platform to various markets such as e-commerce or media.

Backed by a Large Community

Having a robust support system, Drupal has flourished as a potent CMS to build any web solution whatsoever. Drupal is managed by a community of thousands of experts from around the world. The community aims to refine the features of Drupal with every new update and ease the complexity of web development for Drupal developers. Drupal community offers detailed documentation and learning material for the budding developers that helps them to improve their coding skills.

After knowing the benefits of Drupal you may have an urge to hire Drupal developer for your project, hold-down there is a lot more to Drupal which is yet to be discovered.

As there are numerous versions of Drupal one cannot dig into each of the versions so let’s give you an overview of Drupal’s latest version, Drupal 8. The development of Drupal 8 started back in 2011, since then the community of Drupal experts endeavors to take the already terrific content management system to greater heights for administrators and users. Some of the enticing features of Drupal 8 that you can’t afford to ignore are:

Highly Configurable

Drupal 8 has in-built configuration management in the form of a file-system that enables smooth movement of configuration elements like views and content types from local development to the server. Moreover, you can keep track of the configuration changes by using a version-control system.

New Theme Engine

Three words that perfectly describe the theme engine of Drupal 8 are fast, flexible, and secure. Yes, Drupal 8 has surpassed all the older version with its advanced theme engine called Twig. Now it is easier for Drupal developers to design exquisite and more functional websites by utilizing Twig. Twig’s template provides a faster development experience as its syntax is much simpler, unlike a PHP template and it is a lot more secure than that.

Quick Edit

Changes are inevitable in website development, and what can be more convenient for developers than, being able to make changes directly in no time? Drupal 8 facilitates QuickeEdit which is a text editor that gives an authority to edit Drupal content and make quick fixes from the front-end.

Mobile First Approach

Drupal 8 has completely changed the game with its advanced Mobile-First design. As its name suggests, it incorporates the responsive designing for the smallest screens. Wherein Drupal 8 comes up with adaptive themes to different screen sizes along the new admin toolbar that works seamlessly on mobile devices. It extends the functionality of Drupal development services by producing a user-friendly web experience on smartphones.

Loaded with advanced features, Drupal 8 has entirely overshadowed the shortcomings of the previous versions. The emergence of Drupal 8 has proven that not only the present of web development is safe, but it will also have a bright future as Drupal community will enhance the features by the installation of new modules and tools.

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