What are the Advantages and Disadvantages of ReactJS?

With a constant change in technology, it is mandatory to catch-up with all the latest techniques. You may be well familiar with Facebook and Instagram, but are you aware of the apparatus that needs to be operated to develop these apps?

One of the primitive technologies that work as an essential component in the smooth functioning of mobile applications is ReactJS. Basically, React is a dynamic JavaScript library that creates interactive user interfaces.

React acted as a magical wand for revolutionizing Facebook. Earlier developers were facing some hindrance with the restrictive interface of Facebook, they wanted to create a more flexible user-interface that enables multitasking.

For instance, they wanted to make the news feed updates with active use of chat. This could only be possible by developing the JavaScript tool to React.

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As every blessing has a disguised curse in it, here are certain advantages and disadvantages of ReactJS that are listed below:


Better and Faster Experience 

ReactJS eliminates the use of any complex framework like jQuery. It is an adequate tool to create outstanding front-end designs with the high-speed of a web application, perhaps it is the biggest advantage of React over jQuery.

Effective use of SEO

SEO is the pillar of a successful business. A better ranking is equal to more engagement of people that results in earning more revenue. ReactJS relatively gives a faster speed by reducing the time of page load, thus using SEO in a useful manner.

Boosts Online Business

ReactJS is good for creating traffic on your website. It assures quality web applications with a faster user interface, to increase the ratio of the desired audience on your site.

Re-Usage of Components

It helps in reducing the time, and efforts of the web developer by enabling the reuse of its components in the development of multiple UI’s.

Advantages of Reactjs



Dynamic Technology

One of the drawbacks of ReactJS is, it keeps on changing with time. It is a constant learning process for the developers, and they have to learn new ways of doing things that become a problematic situation for them.

Poor Documentation

Because of constant up-gradation of tools and documents, the developers find it difficult to update themselves in a short time span, therefore they create their own documentation for specific tools that result in poor execution.

To sum-up, we can say that ReactJS is a powerful tool to boost the performance of a web application.

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