5 Most Popular Backend Frameworks in 2022

Web frameworks for the backend have become the most integral part of development for web applications. The data-driven web is developing at a fast pace and with the rise of the most popular backend frameworks, it has become widespread in their utility as tools for various programming languages and platforms. 

Every app’s speed and stability depend on the back-end which is why back-end development frameworks are just as important as front-end. This set of most popular backend frameworks helps in aiding the creation of vital web platforms with intense technological complexity.

This is all the reason why selecting the optimal back-end framework that offers maximum scalability and speed can be difficult with a wide range of options available. The best web framework will surely guarantee an excellent user experience throughout the web app.

Digital transformation today touches almost every organization irrespective of the vertical of the industry there are in or their functional expertise. As a result, I have compiled a list of the most popular backend frameworks in 2022 to build your web application. 

Most of the best backend frameworks have different libraries of the best server-side web frameworks or programming languages that help in building the easiest and most robust backend framework and structure of a website.

As per the statistics of the most popular backend frameworks, ExpressJS was most widely used by users all across the globe as of 2021. These stats have significantly changed over the years.

The popularity of such backend frameworks has been evident as Laravel has about 67,902 repository stars from users. Followed by Django which has 61.614 and Flask is third with 57.681. 

However, it is worth noting that in the last two years Django has managed to overtake Flask and bag its second position. Followed by ExpressJS with 55,520, Ruby on Rails with 49,840, and Spring with 45,609.

Most Popular Backend Frameworks in 2022

Most Popular Backend Frameworks

These frameworks mostly provide components for developing a dynamic and fully-functional web application. While using backend languages and frameworks gives a head-start to the developers by getting rid of building and configuring everything from the beginning.

Most Popular Backend Frameworks in 2022

Let’s get straight to the best programming frameworks and the most popular backend frameworks to know the advantages of the most popular backend framework in 2022:

1. Django

Django is known to be one of the most popular backend frameworks of 2022. It is the best python backend framework and an open-source backend framework that is based on the Python programming language. They follow the pattern of a model view controller. 

It is one of the most suitable backend development frameworks for feature-rich database-driven websites and is also one of the easiest backend frameworks.

This is the most scalable web framework that facilitates optimal pluggability, great reusability, reduced coding, and faster development as it uses Python for all the operations that also provides an option admin interface that helps in CRUD – creating, reading, updating, and deleting operations.

Companies Using Django

Companies Using Django

Advantages of Django

Fast framework – It has a low learning curve framework that is created for helping developers speed up the entire development process from the start to the finish, it is easier to use and is relatively simpler than other frameworks.

Feature-rich – It provides various features that help in tasks of user authentication, content administration, sitemaps, and much more than some common web development requirements that are the basics.  

Optimal security – It is known to be an optimally secure framework that prevents its user interface from several security issues such as SQL injections, clickjacking, cross-site scripting, and request forgery. It provides systematic processing for user authentication for users to store and manage passwords and accounts securely. 

High scalability – It offers a higher level of scalability to its users due to its caching option and code reusability feature that makes it more reliable for meeting higher operational demands.

Asynchronous frameworks – It supports Asynchronous Programming that depends on Model-View-Template architecture as Python-based Django can run anywhere and it also supports reactive and a wide array of other application types including social networking apps, CMS, and computing platforms. 

Added Battery – This is one of the most exceptional features that developers utilize for including functions that are better than code-writing from the beginning. This saves them ample time and lets them focus on other areas of app development.

2. Laravel 

One of the most popular backend frameworks is Laravel. It is an open-source PHP web framework that develops web applications that are Symfony-based and also follows MVC architecture. Mostly considered the best backend for web app development framework. Laravel helps in easily creating various web apps with greater functionalities. This allows the developers to deploy other app management tools remotely!

It consists of several extensive and best rest API backend frameworks with an intuitive interface. It provides other database tools like ORM – object-relational mapper. Through this developers can create e-commerce websites, blogs, and news or other customer web apps using the most expressive syntax of PHP. 

Besides that, it also allows sending email through cloud-based or local services. 

Laravel is a killer combination of Django and Ruby on Rails as it is more scalable and secure than Ruby on Rails and it follows MVC. It is also responsible for data manipulation and a complete server-side framework. 

Companies using Laravel as the most popular web frameworks 2022: 9GAG, Pfizer, Crowdcube, and Razorpay.

Companies Using Laravel

Companies Using Laravel

Laravel is one of the best backends for web development as it also provides its users with different ways to access relational databases. It also helps other application maintenance along with deployment utilities.

Laravel Advantages

Authentication – Implementing authentication is simpler as it offers easy configuration and it facilitates simple authorization logic organization but it also gives easier access and control of resources. 

Simple API – Offering simple API that works fluidly with SwiftMailer library and also offers drivers for Mandrill, SMTP, mailgun, and Amazon SES as well as SparkPost. They have features such as PHP mail to send mails through cloud-based or local services. It also helps in sending notifications for sending support access to different delivery channels.

Cache backends – Laravel uses the file cache driver and also performs cached object storage in a file system. It also enables users to configure multiple cache configurations. 

Logs – A Laravel project has a pre-configured exception and error handling. Laravel also has Monolog logging library integration and offers support for multiple log handlers. 

Testing – Laravel is known to be highly test-friendly but it also offers PHPUnit support as well as another ready-to-use phpunit.xml file for applications. As one of the most popular web frameworks in 2022, it comes with methods of expressive application testing. Besides that, it also helps in providing easier user behavior simulation for form filing, application requests, and link clicking. 

3. Ruby on Rails 


Ruby-based server-side frameworks are another one of the most popular backend frameworks that have an MIT license. They are also an MVC framework that offers database framework list structures and other web services. It is the best web app development framework and also the best performance web framework. 

Ruby on Rails also promotes the use of web apps like XML, JSON for data transfers, CSS, JavaScript, and HTML for interacting. This backend is one of the best frameworks for web development that prioritizes the use of software engineering patterns. 

Companies using Ruby on Rails

Companies Using Ruby on Rails

Ruby on Rails Advantages

Time-efficiency – Ruby on Rails is very time-effective as it offers various ready-made modules and plugins instead of wasting your time on creating boilerplate code. It also reduces application building times as compared to other backend libraries and frameworks. 

Consistency – It allows developers to use standardized file storage systems and deploy programming conventions by helping them maintain structural consistency. This also increases the readability of a project and ends up saving a lot of time on their hands.

Cost-effective – Ruby on Rails is also an open-source which is offered with the MIT license and users do not have to pay to obtain the framework. Users can add features without developing them from scratch which saves up a lot of time and effort.

Quality development – It helps in providing them with bug-free software development and it also provides various testing features of expectation syntax, mocking, and test benchmarking. It is also the most suitable for behavior-driven deployment (BDD) and test-driven deployment (TDD). which greatly reduces development costs. 

Scalability – Ruby on Rails is one of the most popular backend frameworks known for providing better scope of scalability which is also the prominent reason for being chosen as a backend framework. It is also a better alternative for websites by serving a high volume of customers. 

4. ExpressJS

node logo

Express.js, also known as Express and is one of the most popular backend frameworks – a standard Node.js. This web application framework is open-source software that is under the MIT license. It is popular for building web apps and APIs.

Express is a MEAN stack back-end component. It is the best backend framework that comes with the AngularJS frontend framework as well as NoSQL databases. 

Companies Using ExpressJS

Companies Using ExpressJS – Node.js

Express JS Advantages

Easier to Learn – JavaScript is known to be the most popular programming language as many frontend developers depend on it and it is also easier to start utilizing Node.js backend as it is easy to learn.

Single Page Applications and Programming Language – Node.js allows developers to create both frontend and backend frameworks in a Javascript runtime environment. Mobile app development becomes even more straightforward as all of the browsers support Javascript.

Less Expensive as Full-stack JS features – Having Node.js as a backend is also a full-stack JavaScript framework and this is for both the server-side framework and also for client-side apps. 

Thus, you do not have to look for separate developers – one for the backend and another for the front-end framework. Eliminating this overhead cost will save you time and money. 

Providing high performance – It uses the V8 JS engine from Google that interprets Node.js and facilitates JavaScript-based code. This is machine code which makes it easier to implement codes. The JS runtime environment improves speed and supports non-blocking I/O operations.

Fast Scalability and Community Support – ExpressJS helps in scaling your web app faster along with the help of Node.js and some additional resources.

5. CakePHP Framework

cakephp logo

CakePHP is one of the most popular open-source most popular web frameworks 2022. Follows the MVP architecture and is written in PHP based on the Ruby on Rails concepts. CakePHP is one of the most popular backend frameworks that utilize popular engineering. They also have design concepts such as front controller, active record, data binding mapping, and convention over configuration. 

Companies Using CakePHP

Companies Using CakePHP

CakePHP Advantages

Object Relational Mapping – It is a data conversion technique that is object-oriented and can be used to convert data from an incompatible system through a feature-rich inbuilt ORM. This makes it easy for users to perform CRUD and other database operations. Users can also use the popular framework for the backend to predefine calling and relations. 

Extendability – CakePHP is one of the popular backend frameworks enabling users to create reusable code parts across multiple projects and utilize functionalities as components, helpers, behaviors, and plug-ins without growing backend libraries. The backend’s website also has many tools along with plug-ins for the convenience of developers. 

CRUD functionality – Enables users to use the CRUD functionality to create, read, update, and delete actions and entities easily. This makes application demoing easier and lets them perform easy-to-model and controller modifications. This makes data management easier during the development process which is sufficient for creating a preliminary application view. 

Over to You!

Many business owners and entrepreneurs struggle with understanding the nitty-gritty of what encompasses web development. I have come up with a list of these top 5 backend frameworks in 2022 to help you decide better.

If you want to build yourself the best software, it is best to get in touch with expert software engineers. You will gain better insights to select the most popular backend frameworks for building your project.  

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why use a backend framework?

Backend frameworks are essential for application development all over the world today. However, finding the right backend framework is a game-changer for many! Best backend frameworks ensure optimal performance and scalability. Here are some of the top reasons why you should use a backend:

– Scalability

– Integrations

– Robustness

– Security

– Time-Saving

Which backend framework is most used?

These are the most popular backend frameworks that are mostly used in 2022:

– Laravel

– Django

– Ruby on Rails

– ExpressJS

– CakePHP

Which is the best backend framework in 2022?

Python is one of the most powerful and best multi-purpose languages for Web Development. Python is also popular for its command in data analysis. Although, the most popular web framework in 2022 is Laravel after which is Django.

Which backend is fast?

Ruby on Rails and Django are the fastest and the most popular backend frameworks. They allow easier database integration and migration among all the other most popular web frameworks 2022.