Top 10 Mobile App Ideas for 2021!

Building a mobile app in today’s world is a lucrative idea. As per data by Statista, the year 2022 will see more than 258 billion mobile application downloads across the globe. Today, having a mobile phone or a tablet is extremely common. Accessibility to the Internet is no more a problem. Established firms and Start-Ups have widely understood the importance and the potential of a mobile application, and they have been actively trying to capitalize on it.

Do you think that having a mobile application could immediately upscale your business? Probably not! As of today, over 100 applications are launched on the Android Play Store, and iOS AppStore every single day. To become the best in no time is probably never going to happen,’ but yes, with a mobile application, you definitely enable your users to function on the go!

Building a mobile application is not an easy task. To do so, you will require highly skilled mobile app developers who can get the job done for you. Well, the good news is that there are companies that provide managed remote IT resources for such requirements, making sure that these managed resources work as per your business hours.

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Moving forward, let’s talk about some new and innovative mobile app ideas in 2021!

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Interior Designing Mobile App using AR/VR

An interior designing app using Augmented Reality sounds incredible! Think about it! AR integrated with an application of such sort will primarily enable you to get a real-life feel of your future house, allowing you to make an informed decision.

Building a house is never limited to just construction! Making sure that the sofa you choose is going to look perfect in your living is as important a decision! AR’s integration with an interior designing app is going to be one useful app that everyone at some point in time would use!

The mobile app idea could also open partnerships with various interior designers and furniture stores expanding their business and bringing in more and more users for everyone. Developing an Interior designing app, based on artificial intelligence, could potentially make you super-rich in the year 2020.

Application To Maintain Medical Records Using Blockchain Technology

One of the biggest challenges a doctor faces today is to get hold of patients’ entire medical records. It is absolutely imperative to know and study the patient’s medical history in order to suggest or provide the best level of medical treatment. The blockchain-based healthcare app will enable patients to enter their medical records on a decentralized network.

Using this mobile app idea, doctors across the globe will then have access to these records which will help them take the best medicare decision for the patient from any remote geographical location. This sort of mobile application has the potential to completely upscale medicare and take the entire health industry to the next level in 2020.

Mobile App for Restaurant Reservation using Artificial Intelligence

Do you believe in working hard and partying harder? Great! That is the best motto to follow in life. Why miss out on a chance of ‘fine wine and dine’ at a great retro-bar? This mobile application would primarily offer a graphical layout of pubs and resto-bars close to you. The mobile application users will be allowed to book a table of their choice for a time that they want, in advance!

Artificial Intelligence will conveniently remember the user’s preferences and would pop up restro-bar choices accordingly. With the integration of Artificial Intelligence in a restaurant reservation app, the entire process becomes easy and personalized! This could be one of the most profitable mobile app ideas in 2021!

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FREE App Development Roadmap + Sprint Plan Template

Mobile App for Car Parking Locator using GPS

Do you have to think twice before you take out your car to go downtown because you’re unsure of the parking spaces? This new-age car park assists application would majorly subside this problem.

Finding a car parking spot in rush hours is a daunting task. With this mobile app idea, users will be able to see and spot all available parking spots closest to them. The mobile application will use GPS to locate this parking and a map would pop up directing users to the spot! With so many vehicles on the road, this is one app that could break through in the year 2020.

Vegetable Shopping Mobile App 

We all want vegetables, and we want them fresh! There are existing vegetable shopping apps in the market but are you really using them? The new age vegetable shopping app would connect user-trusted, local hawkers with the buyers through a mobile application.

The thing with vegetable shopping is that we all have that one hawker we trust and have been associated with for several years! This new-age mobile application would get you vegetables from your trusted hawkers, delivered to your doorstep within a specified time, just like Swiggy delivers food in a specified time! 

This innovative mobile app idea would eventually help hawkers generate better incomes while completely satisfying the users. This could also be one of the most in-demand apps for the year 2020.

Dating App using React Native

Of course! how can we forget about dating apps? Dating apps are one of the most popular mobile applications in terms of usage, amongst youngsters across the globe! We have plenty of established dating apps and a number of upcoming dating apps available in our app stores!

The year 2021 could witness dating mobile apps, based on React Native as this would enable fast and efficient completion of the mobile application. Using React Native to develop a dating app would facilitate simple application styling, easy debugging, and an effective community and support. 

Already thinking of developing a dating app using React Native? Perfect! Hire ReactJs Developer now and shoot your dating app as soon as we start living the year 2021! This kind of dating mobile application has everything a user wants. This could be the year when dating apps would dominate the app stores!

A Mobile App For Exchanging Products

Doesn’t this sound like it’s going to go viral? Imagine an application connecting people in the vicinity, allowing them to exchange products! How long does it take for you to get bored with your mobile phones or your gaming consoles?

The new-age application will essentially allow users to exchange their products with others. The platform would verify the condition of the products listed for exchange and will take the guarantee for the items exchanged! Think about it! You could exchange your phone for another model every two months at zero cost! The application would surely have a lot of swag! The year 2020 could be the year when you see new gadgets with your friends and family, every two months. 

FREE App Development Roadmap + Sprint Plan Template

Home Remedy App

Granny’s homemade medical remedies always worked, didn’t they? I miss them at times, I’m sure you do too. Don’t you? Grannies may or may not be around but an app with a list of home remedies can always win hearts.

Start with creating a list of problems and their home remedies. As an example, let’s say someone has dark circles and he is looking for a remedy. Let your app suggest the best remedy for it along with a detailed process.

Cold tea bags are an apt home remedy for dark circles. All you need to do is soak them in water and put it in the fridge. Once the bags are chilly cold, place them on the eyes for 10 -15 minutes.

To build this app, you would need to partner with expert mobile app developers. Also, a good feature in such an app would be “ancestral remedies” based on the user’s geolocation.

An App For Sharing Books

Look around you and you will find a bunch of people who are absolute book lovers. Why not build an app for them? Books can be quite expensive to purchase all the time. The entire concept of sharing books can make a reader’s day!

Consider creating a mobile app platform where book lovers can connect, verify themselves, share and exchange books with the users on the platform. A great feature to add to this mobile app platform would be to create categories that would specify the genres, authors, and type of the books.

Adding a chat option could also work wonders to improve your mobile app performance. Generally, Apple does a good job supporting applications like this one but building a native app that would work both on iOS and Android would be a great idea!

An App For Flexible Work Opportunities

The global pandemic has changed a lot of things including the way we all worked. A lot of businesses across the globe shut down and a lot of people went out of jobs. 

We live in a global world and geographical limitations should be the last thing that should affect employment.  Think about it, you build an app that offers flexible and remote working opportunities to professionals? Wouldn’t this be a great idea? I see a lot of value in this.

Consider building an application where you get the employers and job seekers on the same page. Consider listing the businesses and companies looking to hire resources on a full-time, part-time, or even hourly basis. 

On the other hand, you can let various job seekers filter the opportunities based on the skills, experience, and availability of remote workers.

Now that you know of 10 Mobile App Ideas in 2020, even before the year has begun, don’t waste time! Hire iOS developer, an Android developer, or an RPA developer now, and get ready to become rich in 2020!