We Have a NEW Address!

Did you hear about it? Well, I can’t contain myself either so I’m gonna break it out anyway. We are excited to announce that Resourcifi has moved to a new space. Apart from it being shiny and colorful and awesome in every other way, it’s rumored to be designed in a way specifically so as to maximize the productivity. Everyone’s got that “new place, new me” vibe going on with them. Let’s have a checklist of things happening around.


Bigger Space For That Growing Pace

Bigger space means bigger and more well planned workstations for employees. With this, we can significantly reduce time leakage and improve efficiency, and in a short span since we moved here, we can actually sense that progress.

The quality of work and the effectiveness of outcome delivered by our employees, have made our clients more inclined towards us, not to mention a client-base that is over 250 and is going through the ceiling by the day.


New Tech For that Desk

Now that we have a way better technology, our 24×7 services to our clients just got a lot faster. Updating every other thing at the office led us to also narrow down our funneling process to candidates with exceptional communication skills, so that it helps the communication get better. So we aren’t just updating our technology after all, we’re updating our employees.


Employees Become Homies

The expansion is shifting our prime focus towards having an amazing work culture. After all, it’s important for employees to have good relations amongst themselves in order to run things smoothly. Work pressure is never even a conversation anymore and the employees have a much better Fun Zone here. Play table tennis, play carrom, play with an Ouija Board. Oh damn, we don’t have one. But really, they have numerous other ways to entertain themselves.

But in all seriousness, “Your greatness is not in what you have, but in what you give.” is one of the many philosophies we truly believe around here. We believe that our organization, as a whole, learnt so much from working with our clients, that we now believe that the work itself has always been the reward. All this knowledge gathered over the years wouldn’t be possible to attain if it wasn’t for you. We’re truly grateful for having grown because of you and hope that this brings us more opportunities to offer you all the more.